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Well went see difficult child today, yet another visit of arguing. :grrr: Instead of trying to talk all did was complain as usual. Dad tried to talk to him, but that didn't go well either. (Dad ended up walking out) I told difficult child that I know this is hard on him, but he needs to wake up and see WE are all he's got!!! His so called friends don't even ask about him. Still wants me to get a lawyer to get him out--WHAT THE.... :nonono: He doesn't get it when we wanted him home he didn't want to be here.
GOD I JUST DON"T UNDERSTAND HIM. It makes me so angry that he wastes every visit on this crap!!!
I guess we'll know this week where he'll be going, I'll keep you posted.
Thanks for listening all. I just needed to vent :warrior: Trying to stand strong.


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Good job for standing strong. I hope that he can get to the place soon and start working towards making progress!!!

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Our visits with wm are typically like this..if wm doesn't get what he wants we're dismissed or screamed at & I walk away.

Having said that, I would expect that your difficult child has spent so much time being angry at the situation &/or trying to get out to begin processing the seriousness or what he needs to address.

I'm more likely to make phone calls - short ones at that.

I'm sorry the visit was less than pleasant. I hope you found something else today to make you smile.



I think that when one is struggling with mental health issues it is very common for one to be very egocentric.

Good for you for standing strong. :warrior:


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I'm glad you're being strong about this. I know how hard it is. I wish it were easier to make them "get it". I sometimes wonder if they ever will.


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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #663366"> it sounds pretty aweful actually.

i think the time has come for you & husband to have a serious talk with-his treating therapist on the protocol for handling this kind of stuff. how long to you listen to this crap? do you give one warning that if he doesn't stop the visit will end? phone calls...again one caution & then you say goodbye & hand up.

all he is doing is spewing his manipulative vomit all over you & that has to STOP. sooner rather than later. you don't have to keep explaining you won't be hiring a lawyer....let his therapist explain the realities of his stay there to him.

it's going to take some time for the reality to sink in for him. hopefully once it does he will work the program & make some progress. it does sound like you're in for a long haul tho. it will take every last ounce of inner strength you have from the sound of it.

i'd take a page from husband's book. when he acts like that ~~~ painful as it is ~~~ you have to leave.

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