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    October has traditionally been a very rough month for difficult child. Last year was surprising in that he didn't have his traditional downward spiral in October.

    I knew it would be too good to have him have another good October. His moods are all over the place! Not only that but he hadn't been violent in a very long time (for him anyways). Tonight I was sitting in a chair that apparently he had been sitting in (I came in from another room, he wasn't in there). He came over and started shaking the chair. Because I was on the phone with my mom, I just moved rather than get into it with him.

    This really upset easy child who was angry that he was shaking my chair. I left the room on the phone for husband to deal with but should have gotten off even sooner. easy child and difficult child got into it (screaming at each other). I know easy child was mad but she should have left it alone.

    He ended up throwing a small custard dish at her and hitting her. I told Mom I had to get off the phone because they were fighting. I told difficult child he needed to go to his room. He started screaming at easy child and she was screaming back. I walked up behind him on the stairs because I didn't want him coming back down after her. He ended up hitting me in the face and knocking off my glasses.

    I told him he was at Stop the World, he was incredulous and said he shouldn't be because he didn't try to hit me just knock off my glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Needless to stay he stayed on STW and then it was so much fun to get him to go to religious ed class tonight. Oh and wasn't that hit a nice birthday present he gave me today? Grrrrrr
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    {{{Sharon}}} Have you reviewed your crisis plan recently? So sorry your family is going through this... any chance that he's lined up for respite this weekend? You definitely need a break.

    Happy Birthday....
  3. Fran

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    He is struggling isn't he?
  4. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    :wine: Here, you need this more than I do tonight! Cheers, dear... happy birthday! I hope you can have a do-over tomorrow and celebrate your butt off despite difficult child!
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    :warrior:Since GCV mom gave you something to relax, once your done put on this armor, sounds like you may need it.

    What is is about this time of year anyways? husband is a mess, difficult child got an office refferral yesterday at school, and that was after he threw his binder at his sister?

    Calgon take us ALL away!
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    Thanks Ladies! It certainly wasn't a great night. He has been wound up tonight but at least violence free!