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    To start, this morning I logged on FB and saw difficult child's page: "I'm gay for men". Nice. Supposedly it's someone's idea of a prank...I asked.

    Then he called. Says he's broke, etc., etc. No duh, sweetheart. This is what happens when you blow your money on hotel rooms, Starbucks, etc. I heard a lot of noise in the background and asked who was there and where he was - said he's at home, and there were "a few people" there. Now, I don't know all his friends, certainly, but the strangest people have been hanging out there - and maybe not users or drinkers, I don't know, but today he says "oh, a pregnant girl" and a couple more I didn't know. Nice. He did, however, say the baby wasn't his. Okey dokey.

    He came over, to bring back my vacuum. Thank goodness. I asked about his credit cards - he lied, said he had just one and there was about $100 on it. We talked about that, altho I think he's probably lying about the balance too - last I heard, he was over the limit on TWO cards and there's no reason to think he actually paid either of them down at all. He said he had a little in the bank - unfortunately for him, a letter came today saying he's overdrawn still by about $200. He also, a couple months ago, signed on with this stupid People's Choice "credit card" and they've taken him for at least $200, although he says it happened 3 times, for a total of $600. Could be. Oh, and one of the bounced checks? His apartment deposit. Nice.

    But here's the worst - the hospital job he "got", said he had paperwork last Friday, after his TH interview, then started Monday, actually didn't do orientation until Monday (yesterday), then instead of one day it was shorter over two days. And he won't "start" until the 28th. I really doubt he "has" this job, because already he's gone from 13.25 to 13.50 an hour. Imagine!

    The other new job he was let go. Already. After what, 3-4 days? Why? Because he FAILED THE WRITTEN TEST. Now, he said - and his boss said, because I go there a lot and we were talking - that it had to do with the math portion. This kid has always been good at math, I mean, it's cashiering at a gas station for Pete's sake. Of course, she also said that he may have failed the PERSONALITY part. Nice.

    So how do you reconcile THIS with your kid? I mean, if retail is so serious about these tests, what chance does he have?

    The money part, well, guess he'll have to muddle through it....oh, and his phone will be shut off tomorrow, they already gave him another 24 hours, and I strongly suspect his car insurance ran out too....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
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    Breathe. And let it go.

    Not much you can do about it anyway. He's got to learn.

    I know how you feel about the job thing though.........Katie does the same crud. It's frustrating to attempt to understand the way they think.

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    Yeah, that FB post was a joke...this morning difficult child had a message from a girl, telling him she's pregnant. Good Lord, I sure hope that was conversation and not "you're going to be a daddy!" Oy.