Unbelievable...I have to go see the Principal!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by DammitJanet, Apr 3, 2008.

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    Now Im sure most of you are probably scratching your heads trying to figure out just why I would have to talk to a HIGH SCHOOL principal considering my kids are all over 21...

    Well...Cory has a girlfriend (M) who has been living with us for probably the last 8 or so months pretty much on a steady basis. Her parents are not even remotely suited for the word parent because they tossed her to the side when she was a young teen so they could go do drugs. She just turned 18 in October so I was none too happy with the fact that she was dating Cory but what could I do? Personally I really like her and she is a sweet girl who has had a horrible life so we let her stay here so she can stay in school.

    Unfortunately she isnt perfect. Im sure you guys wouldnt believe it if I didnt attract difficult child's...lol. She smokes pot. Not a huge shock on my part considering that she is dating MY SON! Problem is that she was suspended at some point early in Sept or Oct for having pot on her on campus and they gave her 10 days plus some drug counseling. Well...she got caught today smelling like pot after she couldnt be located where she was supposed to be.

    Now I have to go in and talk to her principal even though I am not her guardian and no relation to her...lol. Hopefully we can find some loophole to keep her in school because they legally can kick her out and not let her back in again. That would be a real shame because she is in this program that combines college classes and high school classes so that when you do graduate...you have both a high school diploma and an associates degree.

    Well its been 6 years since I had to go talk to a principal...was a nice reprieve...lmao!
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    Oh Janet... :crazy1:

    She is lucky to have you and I'm sitting here feeling a little bit sorry for the principal... :wink-very: JK... :)

    Hope you can work it out for her. You have a big heart. :)

  3. Hound dog

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    What you're doing for this girl is wonderful.

    I wonder if your outlook about her gfgness and dealing with school will be different since she's not your kid? lol

    I hope they aren't stupid and mess her up. Ok, so smoking pot isn't none too bright. I understand the whys and all that blah blah blah, but sometimes you also have to just look at the kid.

    Keeping fingers crossed for her.

  4. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I don't know whether I'd puke -
    or go into Battle Mom mode.....

    GOOD LUCK - all I have to say
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    Good luck. Hopefully she will have an understanding sympathetic principal who sees the value in allowing a girl who has very little going for her to complete a program that could help her succeed in life. Unless they can prove possession, consumption (she would have to admit it) then they have nothing really to substatiate an expulsion.

    Then, sit her down and have a good talk with her about time and place. While I in no way advocate the use of illegal drugs, school is not the best place to be smelling like pot!
  6. DammitJanet

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    I know...lol.

    Thankfully her principal seems like a really good lady (shocked we have them here...lol) who wants to help M. You guys wouldnt believe what her life has been like before she lived with us. At one point when she was still under 18...she was sleeping in a tent in the woods in the cold and getting herself up and off to school! She has been abused in so many ways. I just want to help her.
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    The first thing that came to mind was "at least you have experience talking to principals". I hope it went well, and hope they give her a chance. She sounds very motivated.
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    Janet, you are a really great person. I know things have been so rough lately, and yet you are STILL advocating for your son's girlfriend. You are a REAL Warrior Mom!!!

    I hope the principal can and will work with you and the girl. Sounds like she really needs some help, guidance and love.

    I do NOT condone use of pot or any drug. i realize that it needs to be kept off of school property, etc... But you can't (or at least shouldn't) throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    Keep us posted!

  9. PonyGirl

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    You rock, Janet! Hope things went okay in the office....

  10. DammitJanet

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    I have more information now because she went straight from school to her job at Dominos and didnt get home till about 9is last night.

    I dont think she is guilty. Not to say she doesnt smoke it but I dont think she is doing it at school. This is a case of guilt by association.

    This program she is in is an odd one. The "Early School" as they call it is really high school kids from sophomore year up to graduation. They decide in their freshman year if they want to take this track towards a college degree. THEN they come from all different high schools in the area and relocate into portable classrooms ON our community college's campus right up against the normal community college buildings. Then they take both college courses and high school classes. So really they are all mixed in with the adult college kids and ON the community colleges campus. They use the same classrooms for half their classes, use the same lunchroom, the same sidewalks...etc.

    Well she has two college classes and one high school class this semester. They kinda messed up her schedule this semester and didnt let her take the three high school classes that she needed to complete a high school diploma. Her high school class is her last class of the day. 2-3 pm. There is a tutoring class she can take right before her high school class but no one ever goes there because its just a talkfest instead of any help really.

    The tutoring class is where they said she missing. Instead of being there she was in the regular college building using their computer lab to work on an English paper for one of her college classes. The computers in the high school classes dont allow the kids to access the college website that she needs for her college classes. Its a big mess. She was not with anyone else but when she came out of that building she saw three other people from the high school walking out the other door of this college building. She said hi to them and walked into her high school class with them. Evidently a high school teacher saw them and asked them where they were going and they said class. He must have told someone that they were over in the college part walking around. So they were called out...well three of them were. One girl wasnt and it is assumed that is because that girl is best friends with the teachers daughter...hmmm.

    When Mandy got to the principals office they grilled them thinking that they had been off campus between classes. Well...Mandy wasnt and in reality, Mandy really doesnt "get" to high school until her 2pm class. She is in college until then and treated like a college student. Mandy also smokes cigs and she is allowed to smoke in the appropriate areas when she is "in college" but cant have cigs over around the high school classes even though she is 18. Makes no sense to me how they can make the difference since it is all college campus in reality. I mean good grief...she is 18, what is she supposed to do...hide them somewhere when she goes into those portable buildings or the sidewalk leading to them?

    So the principal calls these three in and asks them where they were and what they were doing. Mandy tells her where she was. The other two said they were wandering around. One girl was so obviously high that she admitted it plus when they searched them they found a knife on her so she is suspended. This girl is a definite difficult child because she is bipolar and she used the knife to carve up her arm and when asked what was going on she started crying and saying she was smoking pot and cutting as a cry for help. Poor kid. Mandy had no other symptoms of smoking pot other than the principal smelled everyones hands and said Mandys hands smelled like pot. Well she swears she hadnt smoked anything other than cigs and that can confuse a person because I have thought something was pot when in fact it was a cig before. Mandy had no paraphernalia on her at all. The principal even admitted that Mandy didnt appear to be under the influence but that her hands smelled like it. Hmmm.

    Mandy is so upset. I am going to fight tooth and nail for her because she has never lied to me about all this. She even told me that if she had really been with the others and got high she would have admitted it but she is innocent and wont say she isnt. She told me that there have been times that she got high before school with Cory out in the yard before I take them in my car. Yesterday wasnt one of those days because they never left my house before I took her. Plus lets face it, I can smell it when they do.

    This principal is going to have a fight on her hands from me. I am going to say where she was and that they need to pull the computer lugs to prove it. They can get that information off the server showing when she logged in and when she logged out. She also sent a paper to the printer so that should be logged as well. That is a lot of work and the college IT department isnt going to be happy to go through all that trouble when there wasnt more evidence. But before they expel someone I am going to demand they have more proof than someones nose.
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    You go girl.
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    *big smile*

    Will you talk to the principal when Tink gets in trouble?