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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Zardo, Mar 4, 2012.

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    difficult children former counselor was more than happy to take him back. I told him what happenned with the former SA counselor - his response was so refreshing. He said how much he enjoyed working with difficult child - what a sweet and insightful kid he is. He completely disagreed with the SA counselor's reccomendation for the behavioral IOP which would interfere with his schooling again. This counselor is much more of a behavioral counselor - he said he works with many struggling teens and many teens on the "spectrum" and said he has never had reason for futher concern with difficult child and would never reccomend that other IOP as he feels it would really set difficult child back and expose him to much more serious issues than he has. He too felt that the issues over the false positives caused some kind of breakdown in their relationship and it's just time to move in another direction. In the meantime, difficult child continues to do well. He told me that he was tested at school this week and that it felt great to test clean and gain more trust. Believe me, he has had to face dirty tests before with this same Dean of Students. I am sure that the Dean was nervous to test him as we alll want to see difficult child succeed. The Dean sent me a very happy text after the test, we're all rooting for difficult child. He did well academically this week and seems to really be maturing. I am so proud of him. I told this new (old) counselor that difficult child is finally making real progress and it's time to help him reach his goals; ie. returning to public school, getting a job, getting his license and just healing in general. I feel that these things are now within reach and helping him achieve things that he REALLY wants is now the tool that will move him even further forward. At home, he is acting more connected and loving. He is even happy to do chores on the weekend to earn his spending money for the week. I am so hopeful, but I also know that darker days are just a few bad decisions away and that does scare me at times. I keep pushing those thoughts away and focus on the postive....my son is back.
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    I'm thrilled to hear this and so glad his old counselor took him back and you got validation with your concerns about the other counselor. difficult child sounds like he is making real progress and I cheer him on. I know that dark days are just one bad decision away, I worry about that constantly with difficult child, but he has to just do the next right thing, that's what they stress in AA, don't look ahead too far, just do the next right thing and each right thing will add onto the last and make a string.

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    What a relief, and congratulations! Now you can exhale for a little bit, right? I'm sure your son feels so proud of himself, and wants to keep building on that. I'm especially glad to hear he's interacting pleasantly with your family, and doing chores. That shows he's thinking outside of himself. Good work!
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    Very good-it's wonderful you have solutions and difficult child is moving on. I agree with, live in the moments and enjoy the good times.
    May I ask a few things? Do you think your boy is on the "spectrum"? I noticed the reference to his counselor's experience. Also I have never known what IOP means. I have seen it here, but no clue.
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    So happy to hear he has made progress and you have soneone on your team who is helping!!!
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    IOP=Intensive Out Patient (therapy)

    Really good news....I'm happy for you!
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    Keep the faith. There is nothing wrong with hoping for the best so long as you stay prepared for the worst. DDD