UPDATE on buddy's difficult child AND RENT IS PAID!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Nov 1, 2011.

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    first....phn got rent approved. it will be sent this week so i dont have to worry abt it being late.! doctor is still planning for friday discharge. if levels are good.

    Went to "family therapy" today (last week he just came in, kicked my shin, pounded my arm and was escourted out) Today he was sitting first, had planned to talk about next pass, etc. I went in and he asked about halloween candy first, and second and third. I explained his cousin got him a bucket of candy and it is in the car. he can pick some out after we talk, etc. He was mad it wasn't in a bag like last year, why didn't I go and do it for him so that it was the same, etc. I explained, he started clenching his fists, therapist asked if he was angry and he said yes and she asked if he needed to go back and he said yes and got up and went.

    Complication, they decided to get a behavior analysist/psychologist to do that test again while our doctor was there, I said NO but then he already had not had his medications, so I said fine get the data and they promised he would have medications (full dose) by 930. I stayed to make sure. doctor said after the mistake on Sat. (they thought they were supposed to only look for TICs) , they didn't get the original information. So, now they will have that data..and he said it will only really help others because they can obviously see that he is a danger to himself mostly (too impulsive) and others and mostly important in my humble opinion he can't function to do anything fun like a kid should be able to do when he is off the Concerta. But of course ths delay in medications didn't help our family sesion go well.

    I was thinking about you guys saying the adderal xr was different from short acting and difficult child had been on ritalin every 3.5 hours for a long time after being on concerta and our thinking we had the dose wrong...but it was easier to adjust the ritalin and the we stuck with it. after a couple of years we decided to go back to concerta so he would not have to have so many interruptions (nurse issues) in school. Now I am wondering if, since we did that middle of last year, and that is when we had to do the new behavior plan....now maybe that was the culprit? I am going to bring it up next time I talk to the doctor. We probaby wont change it until he is back with dr. K the outpatient psychiatrist we love.

    difficult child's doctor knew I was there, came and talked to me a long time. Really nice guy. Is very concerned about difficult child and this change in behavior. But says they are seeing tons of progress with is not perseverating so much on his anger over my putting him there and when they ask him to stop something or leave an area he doesn't blow up and go destroy things...
    they need to plan passes to make sure he is safe coming home.

    they are also helping to plan for if monday at school goes badly, not just issues but he is unmanagable, what is plan b,c... so we will have that in place before friday.

    i almost am hoping for snow because it takes one battle off my list,,, he wont see/hear as many kids outside and want to run to them...
  2. JJJ

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    I'm glad the rent got paid! What a relief!
  3. tiredmommy

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    Great news about the rent and making back-up plans if school goes badly next week!
  4. InsaneCdn

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    Not that you're out of the woods yet... but I can sure here those stress levels dropping a bit...!
  5. Hound dog

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    Back up plans are great to have in place. Wonderful to hear they did the rent, that has got to be a huge relief.

  6. Malika

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    That's good news, buddy. Hoping things will soon be stable again, for your son and you.
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    Good news on the rent Buddy! About the concerta, I tried all the ADHD medications available for my difficult child over the years and found that the Ritlin XR worked the best aalong with a very small dose of the regular Ritlin after school. Each kid is different in how they react to medications but yes, the medication change could have been the reason for the steped up behaviors. -RM
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    I understand a fair amount about brain damage since we live with one type but regarding stims I, too, tried all that were available at the time. The "new one" (don't know how new but wasn't available for difficult child 1 & 2) is what difficult child#2 and his little sister take with success and that is Vyvance (sp). Each kid is different and it is hunt and peck. Glad for your happy news. Hugs. DDD
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    Thanks for that. Thanks to all of you.

    He called and wanted me to bring him bk with icecream. i am money limited, so.... I said yes to the parts he really loves and when I asked a question, he answered again ending with ... stupid. I said, sorry...I am not bringing any icecream (his main thing he wanted). He tried the I'm sorry can I start over etc. I realize it is stuck but if he is to come home on Friday I need him to start to try to say different words at the end.... MOM will do nicely thank you. To avoid a full melt down and mostly to give him practice (Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) traning and all) doing it over and over....I said he could call me two more times and if he had a nice converstation and ended it with the right words, then I will bring the onion rings (still not the icecream)....

    AND HE DID IT! I had coached the nurse on what I said, so she practiced with him before each call. It is the nurse he said he wants to marry (but is too old probably he said.... at all of 24 ish....haha)

    so, I am off to buy onion rings. DOnt think I'll answer my phone in case he calls and blows it, haha
  10. Liahona

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    You work very hard with him. Hope he doesn't blow it either.
  11. keista

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    LOVE IT! Done that a few times myself.

    So glad the rent is paid and things are progressing. See if they can come up with plans all the way through x!
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    glad things are looking up buddy :)
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    yipee! I brought him the onion rings. (80 minute round trip to give my kid onion rings and see himfor ten minutes??? Have to add that to the love is...thread)

    He has been patting people on the butt for a few months and we have been trying to get rid of that...he did it to the nurse he wants to marry today. THen panicked and got a little more out of control. he had to go to time out room but not locked, he just sat there for 15 minutes and ended up going into his room and playing legos until I came. He talked to me and told me (after prodding) that he has not felt fake today. (he did take a two hour nap so I was wondering why...they just doubled his lithium starting last night so wondering if that was making him tired this time) I talked to him about a pass and also talked about a couple of expectations on the unit I wanted to see him meet or I honestly told him I was not comfortable letting him go to school alone (without me close by) anymore. He loves school and hates to miss it and of course doesn't want his mommy walking with him! (he doesn't know yet I am going to be there for a couple of days but in the library). he said, YES ma'am...ha, like we are in the deep south! OK then. Sometimes that helps, usually just nothing, and sometimes it makes things worse.

    He did tell me he was bored there. THATS a good thing.

    He gave me a long hug, asked me to rock with him(while hugging, one of his sensory plus stereo typical movements) I felt like a mom a little more (I know, I know, I am a mom still but still missing being an active participant on a daily basis...)

    You know what? I actually have school conferences tomorrow. I almost forgot. It seems like a million miles away....

    As usual thanks for the boost. You are all heaven sent.
  14. Liahona

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    You just needed the blanket and that rocking hug would be the wrap-ups we do here. Very comforting. Glad he went to the room and calmed down with out having to lock it.

    You sound much more positive.
  15. TerryJ2

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    Whew! Glad about the rent and the plan.
    So sorry about the first mtng with-difficult child, but had to chuckle about the onion rings. Yes, do put that on the other thread!
    Best of luck with-the school mtng. That is like another world.