Update on difficult child#2 and situation with Y

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    Detective finally got back from what ever it was that kept him away for all this time (vacation, whatever). Spoke with him this morning to see what or where we will go from here regarding the picture. He said he will get back in touch with the director of the Y and see if there are to be any criminal charges after asking me to go over the new information (that I had already left in voice mail to him as did the director).

    The information is as was before- the picture was taking by a staff member with a personal cell phone then handed off to "someone difficult child supposedly knows from school" though we don't know if that person goes to the Y to or just that she knows them from school. We don't know the name of the person who took the picture nor the person who delivered it to our house. The director DOES know the name of the person who took the picture but won't tell me, don't know the name of the person who it was handed off to (or is claiming he doesn't/can't get the name off the person who took it). The director did not fire the staff member as he said he would when he found out but he had a "come to Jesus talking to them" and gave them probation and time off on their schedule.

    Sounds to me like nothing is going to get done with this. In fact when I told the detective how this has effected difficult child's mental health (and that she already had issues and it's gotten worse), he says "you and your family are going to have to deal with that"! I had already told him we were but geesh....sounded very insensitive!

    So that is the update and don't think it's going to be any good in the end. difficult child's summer has been ruined as she can't go to the Y anymore since we don't know the true facts surrounding this. I can't "not" pay on the membership fee and I really think we ought not to have to pay if we can't go honestly. I just don't feel comfortable with her going knowing that she is so social and can not pull herself back in that manner and asking her/telling her to do so would never happen. ~sigh~
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    Why do you HAVE to pay membership fees for something you're not using? That sounds ridiculous to me. Cancel the membership and tell the director you just don't feel difficult child is safe there and you will not allow her to be around an accomplice to stalking.

    I'm sorry this all happened and that no one seems to think it's such a big deal. Have you thought of going to the board of directors of the Y and/or the chief of police about it? Personally, I would.
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    I'd be taking this up the chain of command at the Y... seriously, for an absolute minimum? You get your money back.
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    I belong to our y and if that happened to a member of my family and I felt it was unsafe for her to go there I would not pay anymore and would demand they cancel my membership or threaten to sue them for harassment. I can cancel mine with a dictors note so go that route if you must but honestly I can't see why they would not honor your cancellation given the circumstances.

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    I would be climbing that chain of command so fast there would be smoke coming from my heels..........both for the Y and for the police dept!!! *snarl*

    This *attitude* by either of them is totally unacceptable. You don't even know if someone else was involved other than the person that admitted to taking the photo on their cell. You (and they) have no clue what this person's "intent" was/is toward your daughter. It could be anything from something stupid to something serious, for pete's sake. But given this was found in your mail box......I'm going to nix the something stupid part. Why? Someone doesn't go to that length for nothing.

    So yeah, they'd be investigating (both) just to get me off them.