Update on difficult child grandmother


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Well if you know the story you all know that my mother has flipped. She thinks there is no problem with difficult child, despite the truancy, violence, not coming home, doing drugs, and threatening the the principle, etc, etc. So nasty to me now she has tried to turn the extended family on me as well. She has no one else to tell so she calls everyone she can to tell them "I" put difficult child "away" so "I" don't have to be bothered. What a bunch of bull!!! :grrr: She gives her side and of course it's totally distorted.
I'm not explaining my side to anyone. I know why difficult child is where he is, because he needs help. My extended family has thier own issues and they have no room to talk about anyone, trust me.
On the lighter side I did talk to difficult child on Friday. He of course was crying and very home sick, but I told him there is nothing I can do about getting him home he has to complete the program. He did say he made a friend named Daisy. She a horse. He was telling about the place and seemed to be ok, for now. I beleive he'll be fine, he has never been this far from home and is very home sick.
Have a good day all and thanks for your continued support!!!!!


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At least he has an animal he can talk to. Sometimes they make the best friends under these circumstances. The horse won't get him into drugs or breaking into homes. Learning to interact with a horse can teach him empathy and control. Here's hoping.

Sorry about your mother. I agree, definitely time to disengage.



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I am sorry your mother is making things worse. you dont need that. try to ignore it as much as you can.
your son will be homesick three weeks then it will get better.