Update on my eight year old


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After many years of fighting for more services for my son the school systems psychologist did an evaluation and called me on the phone and refused to answer any questions and said my son was autistic. He has had speech delays and other language based disorders but never diagnosis with autism. He has had a neuropsychologist which diagnosis'd him as ADHD and mixed receptive expressive language disorder. The school system has really be reluctant to give what he needs. After this call I called an attorney I knew who deals in Special Education (I am also an attorney). He is the "go to" guy in our area. I have now learned that I was entitled to a lot more that the school was not providing me with accurate advocacy, etc. So I go to the IEP meeting and say I am in the process of hiring an attorney and I was asked to leave the school. I had the IEP meeting for my daughter the next day and they were so nice to me. Anyway, we are in the process of trying to get a private placement for him at a different school possibly. Who else here has had experience with a due process hearing, and dealing with the school system driving you crazy.


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So your son had an IEP that did not give him the services he needed, an evaluation was done and you were not allowed to ask questions about the testing and once you told the school you were hiring an attorney they asked you to leave the school? I have not had experience with a due process hearing as the school system my son attended was very accommodating, but I suggest you continue with your plan of hiring an attorney because your son is entitled to an education and, if his current school cannot provide that, they are obligated by law to find other placement on their dime.

I understanding why you say they are driving you crazy! Good luck.