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    difficult child N went to see the psychiatrist on friday. It was a good visit.

    It's strange how our relationship with her psychiatrist has changed over the past 2 yrs. At first psychiatrist was sort of stand offish, didn't really want to take N seriously, sort of like she thought it was attention getting behavior. (even though N came to her with the bipolar and borderline dxes)

    These last several visits....I swear seeing N seems to brighten her psychiatrists day. She really gets into conversations with us on what's going on in N's life, her plans for the future, the baby, ect. She laughs and jokes with N.

    This visit psychiatrist was disappointed N didn't bring 8 month old Aubrey along. lol I swear in some respects we do more chatting like friends than the whole psychiatrist thing. But she did tell N that she is very proud of the progress she's made during the past 2 yrs. Which really has been pretty dramatic when you stop and think about it. And that she is truely impressed in how N has learned to be very proactive in her own stability, and being able to recognized when it is time for a medication adjustment or emergency trip to psychiatrist. That N has learned to accept her dxes with maturity and dignity.

    N was uncomfortable with so much praise. lol Her psychiatrist is not one to praise to boost self esteem. It has to be earned.

    psychiatrist asked if we wanted a 3 month appoint. Both of us said no. lol Seems everytime we try to go the 3 mos to see the doctor again, N winds up needing a medication adjustment. We all chuckled. psychiatrist set the next appoint for 2 months.

    I was stunned to learn we'd been going to this psychiatrist for 2 yrs. But she checked thru her records and it was right. Lord, N has come a long way. From being suicidal, self image in the toilet, cutting and burning herself, angry, vicious, violent, failing in school to being on the honor roll, able to speak her mind with control and without being mean or vicious, the violence has disappeared. I haven't seen a mark on her in nearly a year. She is generally happy and looking foward to the future. And is a loving and doting Mommy. (much to my pride and relief)

    While N was always cooperative in her medications, I think accepting and understanding her dxes has been the biggest milestone. She no longer sees herself as a "bad" person because she has bipolar and borderline. And with this acceptance, she is no longer afraid to ask for help when she needs it. The maturity I've seen over the past year has been astounding.

    N takes her own medications and tells me when it's time for a refill. She keeps track of her own psychiatrist appointments and lets me know when it is time to go. I let her do it so that she'll be used to it by her 18th birthday.

    I'm a proud Mom. But I'm also a releaved Mom. It is nice not to have to spend every spare moment worrying about her and what her future will hold. I know that those dark unstable times could return at any time. But I hope what I'm teaching her now, and what she's learned will help keep it at bay.

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    What a nice update on N, Lisa. I had been thinking about her and Aubrey.

    I'm glad she got so much praise from the psychiatrist. She sounds like she is finally getting comfortable with herself. Good for her!

    You have every right to be proud of her. You brag away, friend.

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    You do have every right to be proud! I'm thrilled for both of you. That is an inspiration for the rest of us.
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    Thanks for sharing how well your daughter is doing

    It gives us all a renewed hope to hear happy stories..

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    :bravo: WOW! N truly has come a long way. Thanks for the update. -RM
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    WOW, yes, N has come a long way both in self-examination and in maturity. Congrats to her, it hasn't been easy on any of you, least of all her. Another couple of years and she'll be a mentally ill easy child living on her own with the baby!

    TYLERFAN New Member

    What a wonderful update.
    Glad things are going well.
    Give baby Aubrey a kiss from her cyber auntie!

    Melissa :smile:
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    What a tremendous update! Thanks for sharing this - gives me a bit of hope. :warrior:
  9. jannie

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    Such a great post. I'm so glad she is accepting and taking responsibilities for her diagnosis's. That is such a strong indicator of a positive future--She is doing great !! Yeah N!! :bravo:
  10. Lothlorien

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    That is truly wonderful news! I'm so glad things are finally going in the right direction for all of you!
  11. everywoman

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    I know that you are proud of her. It's amazing what they can do when they decide to.
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    Wow-What a super update. I'm glad to hear things are going so well. :princess:
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    I'm so happy that things are going so well for N !!! Thanks for sharing such a great post!!! And it is so nice to hear that she is such a great mom too!!!

    :bravo: WFEN