Update on slsh

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Sue was in a great deal of pain & ended up back in the hospital this morning. A different hospital, a little bit further from their home & hopefully a better staffed/equipped hospital.

I spoke with Sue's husband & he said that they are looking at possible more likely probable surgery.

Keep a good thought for our dear friend. She hates docs & hospitals but she needs this right now.


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Sorry to say that I had no idea that slsh was hospitalized, had surgery or was in bad shape.
Best thoughts to her.


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I sure hope that this hospital is better than the last one!

Sending my best wishes and good thoughts that they find a way to ease her pain.



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Please send Sue my good thoughts. I had no idea this was happening. I sure hope this hospital can do something for her.



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OMG, Sue, there are much easier ways to get a few days of R&R!

lol. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Only the mom of a difficult child with an overflowing plate like you do could appreciate that comment! :smile:

I'm sending many hugs and prayers that things go well.

Thanks for keeping us posted, Linda.



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Sending some sexy pirate dreams to your sleeping head. Well, I think those could be some good thoughts too. You are.....Mrs. Jack Sparrow.....Mrs. Jack Sparrooooooowwww. :future:

Speedy recovery, prayers and love