Update on the Hit and Run.

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    Well, Cory is doing much better. I think he knows he didnt cause this and he is really growing up to understand life better. I think his reaction was the fairly normal reaction to seeing this trauma laid out directly in front of him. He was one of the first people on the scene and saw Clayton before the rescue got there. It had to be extremely traumatic for everyone who saw that. Cory actually felt for a pulse. He knew he was dead but he so hoped.

    Amazing to me that Cory can actually be the strong one in these situations. He has people going off all around him and he is being strong. He did break down with me and his dad but that is what we are for.

    Last night, some crazy, idiotic fools came over to his place and started a brawl with some people that were at his house. One was the girl who slapped Clayton and another was a boy that was there. I can understand why they got into it with the girl but have no idea why they got into it with the boy. They beat the **** out of the boy and broke his jaw and nose. He will have to have surgery. The girl got bad bruises. Boy ended up having to go by ambulance to ER last night. He was strapped to the board with a neck brace on and was choking on his own blood and Cory had to flip him over on the board or he would have choked to death. TG Cory was right there! Now its like the Hatfields and the McCoys out here and I am not sure why. Someone is likely to die over all this fighting. I am glad that this boy's mom owns half of Lumberton because that means the cops may do something which means maybe Cory wont end up avenging this beating. Maybe. I just hope the cops can stop this before these guys who beat this boy up come to Corys place and try to beat up Cory. Sigh. Cory wont take it.

    There is already too much blood lost in all this.

    And I had such a good week until I got home!
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    Oh and I forgot!

    Right now Cory is at the hospital helping to admit a girl that was at his house when Clayton got hit. She isnt the girl that slapped Clayton but a girl that used to date him and now blames herself, saying that if she just hadnt stopped dating him this wouldnt have happened. So she took some pills, tried to cut her arms and started screaming into the phone to Cory that it was all her fault...she killed him! So he calls me this morning and we rushed over there, got her, threw her into the back of my car and drove her to our local ER so she could get admitted. She tried twice to jump out of my car but Cory held her in.

    Good Grief! I am tired. He is tired.
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    Oh Janet! You're family has been through so much! Cory is a strong young man, and a good friend. He helped to save 2 lives in one day, even amidst all the horrific events he witnessed. The past 36 hours has had more adversity for him than some people have in their entire lives. That poor guy. It sounds like all the kids are grieving and acting out. I hope all the fighting ends soon- like you need more to worry about. Gentle hugs for you, how are you holding up? Wishing you and your family peace.
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    Yikes! What a nightmare!!

    Sending (((hugs))) and support and keeping all of you in my thoughts...

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    It's always interesting to watch how others get so selfish when someone dies and how they go about getting the attention they feel they deserve.

    I'm so sorry that Cory is having to go through any of the drama with these other people. It was his friend, he's gone - and now he's left to babysit all these other drama queens. Just doesn't seem fair. :( We had similar situations here and Dude finally stood up and told a good batch of people who were acting out that if they really thought that behaving like they were with threats of suicide and cutting and crying and acting out were honoring Stevens memory - then just GO ON and die. He had - literally had enough. After that? Everyone stepped back, straightened up and realized that Dude was hurting even though he wasnt crying and acting a fool. We really did watch him for suicidal jestures....but he said that he wanted to honor Steven not disgrace him.

    I literally would have told the girl that was crying and saying this was all her fault that she needed to get a grip and that NO this is NOT her fault and she's not going to get any more attention over his death - he's gone, nothing more can be done about it, and to straighten up, and be supportive of the people that ARE left behind that are grieving for him in an appropriate way.

    I'm so sorry for you and Cory hon - It would be a lot nicer world if people were able to see that Clayton is gone - and nothing in this world - no amount of pay back would bring him back or justify what has happened.

    Have they found the driver yet?
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    I'm so sorry Janet. This sounds awful.
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    That's so horrible. Emotions run so strong in situations like this...I hope people can calm down a bit so that cooler head prevail. Nothing good will come out of this. It wasn't anyone's fault but the driver's. And even then, it very well may have been a honest accident but for the fact that he/she fled. I hope things can be controlled and that the driver is found soon. Hopefully by the police by the sounds of things.

    Glad to hear that Cory is handling things well though. It's bad enough when you KNOW someone who that happened to and so much worse to have been there. Hugs to you all.
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    What a tradgedy, seems like a stone dropped in water, just moving out from the center to cause more pain....... hope some kind of understanding can come from all this.....thinking of you, Corey and Clayton's family.........
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    What an incredibly horribly sad situation :( Your Cory is growing up though. I am so impressed with how he is handling such a dramatic and heartbreaking set of events.

    I hope everyone takes a step back, a deep breath and things calm down.
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    What a mess! Can Cory just stay with you until the funeral? I worry that he's going to end up in the middle of something, even though it isn't his fault and he's going to end up back in jail. These people are going to drag him down. It's bad enough his friend is dead. Now, because of the way these idiots are behaving, someone else almost died. Not the way to honor the death of a friend.
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    Is it bad of me to join my local news station on facebook when they got the date wrong and correct them? I also asked that anyone who may have seen a car with front end damage to contact the police. Im thinking of emailing all body shops and alerting them. I simply dont have a whole lot of faith in our cops.
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    I think you have a great idea, Janet. And no, it isn't wrong to correct the date. I'm thinking like Loth, too. Another concern I have for Cory is substance abuse. I'm not familiar with specific issues he's dealt with in the past but if he's ever had a substance abuse problem, a situation like this would make anyone susceptble to backsliding. Either way, if sounds like he has become way more mature than these friends and I hope he quits "visiting" with them and meets new ones that are more responsible, family-oriented people like he is now.
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    Only thing Cory does is pot and this isnt going to make him start or stop. He just smokes occasionally. Im sure he partook this weekend with all this stress but we have a dont ask, dont tell agreement like the army. What he does out of my presence is his business.
  14. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    My thoughts are that whomever hit Clinton - was visiting someone who lived in that trailer park. It would also be my guess that they do not have money for damages/repairs and would try to do something a little ghetto-fabulous like change out the entire fender - or....spray paint the fender or spray paint the car cheaply (Dollar general paint) or roller paint the car.

    There is also (sorry to be so graphic) a chance that the only indentation was done to CLinton and not to the car at all. Given the general direction of where the car was coming from - can anyone pinpoint someone who lives in the park in that general direction a car which has new damage or fresh paint - or someone who normally drives a car that is missing the last few days? That would be a giveaway to me. I would have the kids asking questions like - Who was visiting - did you see any strange cars?

    Someone had to have seen something - Maybe you can post on Craigslist in that area????? I dunno - I'm so sorry. I've thought about Cory and you on and off....all day yesterday and I'm so sad for Clinton's parents too.

    Who was the boy who's life Cory saved yesterday? Do they think HE had something to do with it? What a mess.