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    I "think"we got a few things accomplished, but we will see.

    His current care coordinator was offered another position, so she said his skills builder, the one who does not communicate well, would be his new coordinator. I asked if I had a say on that, and was told yes. I said I did not want m as the care coordinator, she told me she did not have tone to work with difficult child and that consistency and communication between the adults working with difficult child is vital and I did not think m could do that. So difficult child currently had wrap services with no coordinator and no skills builder!

    I asked that the future skills builder spends a couple days a week part days at school with difficult child to coach him in social skills and problem solving. So fast that is a go, but have to wait got the details to her ironed out. We are having an iep meeting to be sure difficult child will go to the high school I want him to, it had alot of theraputic components.

    There is someone at county mental health who does brain making and
    Wr are abusers to be getting difficult child set up for that. I am getting him in with a speech person for his NonVerbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) and Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD).

    This kids had more theraputic interventions than must kids have extra curricular activities.
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    Hope they get you the right people set up soon. School is a great place to work on social skills.

    I don't understand the second to last sentence about being abusers?

    Hopefully if the high school is intense on interventions difficult child can really turn around there and blossom.
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    Oooops....auto correct. Sorry thought I had corrected all that.

    It is supposed to say that we are getting him set up for brain mapping.
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    Sounds like some things are exciting to look forward to and others are kind of up in the air. But you have some cool things you have asked for. I hope the brain mapping gives good information. I will be really interested to hear how that goes and if you feel it represents what you see in difficult child. I hope you share the info.

    I hope you are able to get assigned to a different coordinator. No fun having someone who is a poor communicator or a bad match for your difficult child.

    Take care, Buddy
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    Oh I will get assigned another coordinator, I will go to the supervisor if needed.

    I also called psychiatrist and she increased his abilify more. She asked if I thought the medications were making things worse or better? I told her about a couple situations that difficult child had done much better in after the last increase, and she decided to up the dosage. So far what she had done with difficult child has helped and at this point? O trust her and it is a good thing, because I sure don't know what to do next. I think eventually we will have to do a medication wash, but o would like to wait for summer or web spring break to do that.