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  1. Well, yesterday was a seriously intense day! Last week, the plan was to put difficult child in residential, but the wait list is 2-3 months out. Also, we needed to find out about ins. coverage. Well, my insurance covers 30 days inpatient - this includes the partial program difficult child has been in at 2 days to every 1 day inpatient, we found out the residential would be included, umm 30 days is not very much. Anyway, I spent Wednesday applying for Medicad (for which I make too much) but I applied for the Katie Becket waiver. I also was on the phone with social security to apply for SSI. Now, difficult child already receives social security survivor benefits because of his dad's death, well I talked to them and answered their questions and they scheduled an appointment for SSI application for 4/14.

    Meantime, I went to the psychiatric hospital for the weekly treatment team meeting yesterday morning. doctor says difficult child is getting worse and his violent thoughts are occupying all of his thoughts and even dreams and his drawings. His agitation is worsening, etc. He told me that difficult child says he has this bubble around him - that this was the problem he had at school too, this bubble is around him and right now, that I am the only one who can get inside that bubble without being in danger of being hurt. There was some suicidal thoughts as well. He said it is no longer safe to leave him at home, for his safety as well as everyone else's. They were going to admit him and bring him over in the afternoon when the other kids go to AT. doctor says the new plan was to have him at the current facility, which is acute care until his benefits run out. He was going to call the doctor he works with at this other facility in town, which is run by the state, and see if there is room in their acute facility and move him over there to await a bed in the residential facility. They will draw from the acute inpatients before they draw from the waiting list. Talk about intense! I went from not knowing how my daughter and I were going to get through the next month or two with difficult child getting worse all the time to BAM he is inpatient. I spent the next few hours doing paperwork and talking with the nurse on the unit.

    The doctor has already ordered a change in medications, he is adding Abilify - I believe 10mg to start. Reduced his Prozac 10mg and changed his Seroquel to PRN. The nurse couldn't tell me what the plan is as far as titrating the medications, just this is what the order was for this morning. The doctor is also ordering a type of brain scan - but first we have to get it approved by the insurance company. Apparently our doctor is the ONLY doctor for kids in this area to do this test, he is the only one trained to do it. I just hope it gets approved, then we will be able to see what is going on. Thing is, because it requires an i.v. I have to be there (I would want to be anyway). It is done at a hospital on the other side of town. I have to transport difficult child both ways AND he has to be off all medications for 48 hours before the test. Oh fun. Well, hopefully they will get approval and we can do it, then the doctor can see the activity in his brain and be able to get a better diagnosis.

    I was really expecting them to have a lot of agitation from difficult child when he realized that he was being placed inpatient, but there wasn't. I called about 4:30pm to see how it went and the nurse said they didn't have any problems with him. I went for visitation last night from 6-7pm and took his clothes up there. We had a nice visit, difficult child asked what got him there, he thought he was doing fine in partial. I just told him that the doctor felt it was time and that he needed help. He understands. He told me his schedule. He then said he felt that he probably would be there for awhile and hoped he wouldn't be there over his birthday (in January). He mentioned he hoped he wouldn't have to go residential because of the possibility of having to go out of state and being away from home for like 6 months. I have never said anything to him about residential at all, so I am not sure where that came from. I told him he needed to just take it 1 day at a time. He said the thing he was going to miss the most was our dog.

    Well, I am still numb, but I have to go to work today, since I took the last 2 days off to handle everything. I have appts next week, so I will miss plenty more then. I will be talking to the doctor again Monday morning, I will keep everyone updated. Well, gotta go.
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    MAJOR {{{{{HUGS}}}}} to you!!! Hopefully difficult child will now get the care and treatment he needs to stabilize. One has to hope...

    Is it a PET scan they are doing? That's the only one I can think of that could measure brain activity. The IV is probably for a contrast agent. They also do this with MRI but that just looks at brain structure and checks for lesions, tumors, etc.

    It's good you will be there for the procedure to comfort him. My difficult child 2 just had a brain MRI and he was a little intimidated by the equipment. They played some nice music for him, though. You might ask/insist that they use a numbing cream on his skin before the IV (one brand is Emla, but there's also generics). Knowing that the poke won't hurt might help with his anxiety, too.

    Keep us posted on how everything goes! And remember to BREATHE!
  3. Thank you! I don't remember the exact name for the test, but I believe it is, when I hear from the nurse whether it was approved or not, I will get the exact name of it. I was kinda numb yesterday when she was going through everything. All I know is, this doctor is the only one in the area that is trained to do it.

    Like you said, I hope that now difficult child can get the help he needs.

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    Big Hugs Christy!

    I'm sorry you are going through this....it seems like your team of docs has a real good handle on things, that is nice to hear!
  5. Thank you! I am really pleased with my difficult child's doctor. I don't know the other doctor that we will be dealing with when he is transferred, but because of how his doctor is, I have to know that he would not transfer him to someone else's care if he didn't trust him. I truly believe he is in the best care that can help him.

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    Your warrior armor is showing! Take some time for you this weekend. Sending you lots of hugs.
  7. Thank you Kitty! I plan on it. My daughter wants to go see a chick flick together this weekend too. It has been a while since the two of us have been able to do something together so maybe Sunday we will, that would be fun.

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    Many hugs. I know this isn't easy. It does sound like he has good docs. I'm glad you are taking some time for you!
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    I know that when we began the process of trying to find out about insurance, funding, etc. for my son to go to an Residential Treatment Center (RTC), they did have us fill out paperwork for medicaid. Although my husband and I made too much money, it was based on difficult child having no money, and they did a sliding scale type thing. They figured out what we could afford to pay, and we reached an agreed upon figure and medicaid/social security picked up the rest. My insurance would cover inpatient hospital stays, but they wouldn't cover a residential stay. It never made sense to me, but that's the way it was worded.

    He's where he needs to be to be assessed. I'm glad you're happy with the doctor. That's a great first start.

    It's hard when our kids are hospitalized, but you have to realize when we can't give them the help they need at home, it is sometimes necessary.

    Hugs to you, and enjoy your mommy/daughter time.

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    I am glad your doctor is on top of things. The emla cream is available by generic as lidocaine/prilocaine cream. If they want, or require it, the doctor can give you a prescription for it and your pharmacy can fill it. Most pharmacies here have to order it, so it takes about a week. (I use it for a skin condition). It is wonderful esp with Ivs. It does take about 15 minutes to work, so be sure they leave enough time for it to work before they do the IV. It is amazingly helpful iwth shots, IVs, etc...

    Sounds like you are getting great help, GO WARRIOR MOM!!!!


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    I *LOVE* your avatar... :)
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    How wonderful that you have a psychiatrist that you trust in charge of your difficult children plan. There is nothing of more value than having confidence in the physician in charge. It allows you to be free of the fears and stress that comes from being 100% in charge....particularly when you know that you haven't got the expertise to be 100% in charge.

    I am sending caring hugs and thoughts your way. DDD
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    I'm so sorry, but hoping that this stay will bring some answers and hope.