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    First of all I want to say that I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately. Weekends are typically my time for catching up but I have been sooo busy lately. A lso, I used to catch minutes in the morning for my online time but I've been waking up at 5:30 to walk the mall before work. Then I rush home and get difficult child through his paces and then I fight him for the computer. I use the computer as a reward for getting his work done and then I have to beg for it back.

    As a matter of fact he's whining for it right now. I will write more later this weekend.

    All is fine at the moment but I have tons to say... Later. Hugs, ML
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    Hugs. Hope you find time to write more soon. Sounds like difficult child is doing better?
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    Hey, Michele, waiting for a further update, Hope you get on your computer soon. We have 3 at this house always vying for computer time!

    How's the "healthful living" going for you?
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    I'm glad all is well. :)
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    The good stuff:

    I have been exercising and doing the ww point system. I get 18 points but more with the exercise which is a good motivator. I walk for food :) I'm in a good place with it. It feels good to finally be on the right track. There are several other folks at work doing the same program so it's very supportive.

    I am taking care of myself. Getting out with friends and doing playdates with difficult child (even though he's 9 if I don't make the dates he won't leave the house). School is ok but the teacher is worried because he isn't organizing himself and showing initiatve for doing the things he needs to do without constant reminding. This is something I accept will be lifetime challenge for him and going into 4th grade is just the start of an uphill battle. I have secured a tutor for the summer who was the 3rd grade student teacher and d loves her so that's good.

    Work is great. Challenging and exhausting but I'm enjoying it at this point in time.

    Home not so good. Husband is drinking again and he just eminates loathing for me. I'm so tired of being the reason for his unhappiness. I can't take much more. He needs to leave but he has no where to go. At some point soon he will have to go regardless. I do think I'm going pretty well despite the circumstances. I've detached as best I can and keep busy. I just don't want to be despised any more. We both made mistakes and we should never have married. We've both tried for 5 years but his issues go deep deep deep and I don't think he ever loved me the way I thought, the way loved him.

    I miss all of you so much when I don't have time for this board. I promise to try and do better.

    Love all,

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    Glad to hear you are taking care of you with exercising and ww. I'm also glad work is well. I'm sorry things are so rough with husband. Sending gentle hugs your way.
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    Good to see you back on the board, sweetie!

    Your good stuff sounds great. So sorry to hear about the bad stuff. Been on both sides of that - been through the divorce, and been through the quitting drinking. Big sigh. Big hugs, it won't be easy.
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    It's good to see you.

    It sounds like you're doing well for you. You can't control H, but you can control how you react to it. It sounds like you're handling that well. It's not easy.