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Thanks for asking how things are going, Hearthope and Suz. Last time I posted, difficult child had left her unemployed boyfriend, and we thought she was moving back home for a little while. Well, boyfriend apparently felt the heat, and lo and behold, he went out and got a job. So difficult child went running back to him (she stayed with us a total of 4 days). I was disappointed (I guess...wasn't looking forward to a potentially unsuccessful try at living with her again), but not at all surprised.

Anyway, she is back at the apartment,and as far as I know, he is working and they're getting along ok. She still doesn't have a phone, but she emails me from work just about every night, and came over for dinner the other evening.

She has been complaining about not having any friends. I do feel bad for her...I know she's lonely. She works a 3-midnight shift, which makes it hard to hang out with any friends. I'm not sure if she's distanced herself from her friends (and frankly...most of her friends were her party buddies) or if they are distancing themselves from her. I know a couple of them despise her boyfriend because of the way they've seen him treat her.


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Great to hear from you alicelee!
Maybe it is a good thing that she is working the 3-12 shift. If her old buddies were difficult children, maybe she can find a better circle of friends.
Maybe she learned a valuable lesson in boyfriend. If she puts her foot down, he does respond. That can carry over very well in other issues.
Thanks for the post, we missed hearing from you