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    I sent out a package of stuff pertaining to difficult child' mental health today- I had written a list of medications he'd been on and realized that difficult child has been on 14 different medications (11 MS's) in less than 2 years. This really makes me think that medications aren't the answer.

    I called the educational division and the person handling difficult child's IEP is out until next week. The lady who answered tried to answer questions but didn't know much about what they had or had not rec'd from other agencies. I told her I'd send them a package of info, too. I want to make sure that they have difficult child's school transcript from his 2 mos stay in psychiatric hospital in Feb & Mar and re-evaluation stuff (that his home sd never did but is due for his triennial evaluation) and that they get the latest IEP (which I can't find). I have a copy of the the latest IEP that the sd sent the psychiatric hospital in Feb- it does not include all pages. If I can't find the complete IEP, I will just write a note telling them the date of it and asked them to get it from the sd but make sure it has all pages, which are numbered.

    I got a letter from difficult child!! It was about 4 sentences long (LOL!), but it still made my day. He says he thinks he can call me on Sat.

    The defense attny returned my call from last week. He said, off the record, that state juvy is over-crowded and staff is being told to release kids early whenever possible. I'm not going to tell difficult child this. The attny said that when we know the length of stay that they will assign a staff review meeting (like a parole meeting, kind of) and that staff is supposed to try to send the kid home after that unless there is reason not to.

    So, a lot of answers and things are schedule for 3-4 weeks from now. My visit with difficult child (after 5 weeks of not seeing him), the range of time he'll have in, where he's going, if he'll have to take 8th grade over, my court arraignment should happen by then, what difficult child's rehabilitative treatment requirements are, and a parole officer assigned for me to work with about difficult child getting out to come home.
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    Wow... sounds like you've been busy! I'm glad difficult child sent you a letter, that would make any mother's day! I hope you have remembered to take some time for yourself today. :)
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    I'm glad you received a letter from difficult child and that he should be able to call you on Saturday. I remember difficult child trying so many mood stabilizers in a couple years period of time. It took forever to find a combo that worked for our difficult child (of course, it isn't perfect but it has helped more than any other medications).
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    That's great that he sent you a letter, Angel usually doesn't even call me.

    Wow tiredmom I think I should take your name, you said would make any mother's day and I was like HUH? what happened to Easter? ugh I need more sleep.

    Anyway I'm so happy he sent you the letter klmno
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    Wow! You must be spinning trying to take this all in. So much to plan for. It is looking positive so that is GREAT!

    So cool that you received a letter. I am feeling your excitement in that 1st visit.
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    Thanks, Ladies! The waiting to find out a range of time he'll be in is the hardest- it's hard for me so I can't imagine how hard it is for him. Second to that is not seeing him for so long. Then there's the miscellaneous stuff that I don't know yet what will come from it. But, we will get through it, I'm sure.

    I got the educational stuff sent out today- I think that gets them everything they need.

    I'm dealing with some other things, so things are moving, albeit, very gradually. LOL!!

    I'm getting ready to have an ice cream sundae- I guess that cancels out the salad I ate for dinner, huh??
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    No, the salad balances out the ice cream sundae.That's the way to do it! :)

    I'm glad difficult child sent you a ltr, and that you're communicating with-people and sharing info in what seems to be a positive way. The waiting is SO hard!