No word yet but the officer called. Jess is still in the home....thank goodness....she is back in school and trying to get a job.

I think he had a hand in this but he won't tell me. He said she is very messed up and will be speaking with my lawyer on Tuesday and letting him know some things he can't tell me.

But he said the air at the home is very volitile as it appears that the kids are running things there. He said it's a teen's dreamhome and left it at that.

She is okay....for now....but I am hoping that next week will bring some better news for me...

In the meantime, I try not dwell on it too much and keepi doing for me...a good note...with my treadmill I am down 7 pounds in two weeks.... :smile:

Thanks everyone for the support....



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Carolanne, this is encouraging, isn't it? The authorities are now aware of things and are watching closely. Your difficult child might be "messed up" (whatever that means) but she is doing what she needs to do for now.

Fingers crossed!

Great job about the 7 pounds! :thumb:


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I'm so glad the authorities are now aware what's going on in the home. Hopefully now things will change. (or home will be shut down)

Congrats on the weight loss! I'm glad you're doing something to help you feel better. :thumb:



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I to am glad you are doing something for you that is making you feel good :smile:

Hopefully with the authorities involvement, things will change. In the meantime, tread on!!!!