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    Well...today has been a VERY good day here, comparatively speaking...LOL. As I've said, difficult child went to school today to give out his Valentines. He says he had a good day except for one thing that happened on the car line. Some kid in his class was bothering him under the guise of "kidding". So difficult child does what he always does - told the teacher. According to difficult child, they both went to the office, hashed things out, and everything's fine now. How in the world they found all this time when they were on the car line to begin with I have no clue nor do I really care. Bigger fish to fry...LOL.

    One thing that has gotten me thinking, though, is that he got in the car and said that in the cafeteria he was hanging out with the "Autistic" kids. We have never actually sat him down and told him his diagnosis because, frankly, I've never been quite certain what it is. I am almost positive he is Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) - Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) or Aspergers - that's his formal diagnosis - but we've never said that to him. I do however, think he knows he has what's called Aspergers but he's problem clueless as to what that actually means. Anyway...have any of you told your kids their diagnosis...if so when and how?

    Also met the new therapist today - difficult child has first appointment Monday. I like her a lot and think she'll be a good fit. The only thing that bothered me - not about her but about the appointment in general - is that I was very honest with her about husband temper and how he reacts to difficult child's meltdowns. To talk about it and remember some incidences is painful and upsetting for me but I want all of us to get help - and this may be the first step to also getting husband help too.

    So...all in all - really good day - hope I don't pay for it this 4 day weekend...:)
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    Valentine's? I missed a month....lol!

    I'm happy for you! much better day. productive too.

    as far as the diagnosis. q heard it because of the name of the class too. imagine, now he's in a program named for fetal alcohol syndrome, he hasn't figured that out yet and I'll have to explain his brain injury makes him learn like some kids with that I guess. I asked them how they can do that for confidentiality sake? no answer. most of the autism programs have been called things like cip....communication and interaction program.

    I do tell q that not everyone has autism in his class. He was one to always ask . He asked little by little over time so I fill him in as his need for information comes up. ( mom, what about my face looks autistic? how do people know I have it, etc)
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    We told our difficult child at a therapist appointment. The dr said that it means certain parts of the brain work really well, and other parts have to be trained to work better, like those dealing with-interpreting facial expressions, or social norms, or authority. He explained it very slowly and made sure not to say that it was like a flaw, but more of a disease or somethin you are born with and have to deal with forever. I can't recall the exact wording now. We mentioned husband's asthma and my migraines as conditions we have but can control.
    We also noted that it is a spectrum, and what that means, for example, some people can't be in a room with-perfume or they go to the hospital, and others may just wheeze a little. He said, "I know, I know!"

    Best of luck. I'm sure he'll be fine with it.


    Thanks to both of you. Terry - that was a very clear explanation. I'm filing it for the future...thanks