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    I have tried to at least come and read posts the past few months. You are all on my mind and in my prayers. I injured my knee in late August. I chose to start school, get
    my kids in some routine before surgery. I had surgery first week of Dec. DHs mother is very ill and will die soon, she has hospice and husband is busy
    over there many times a week. My mother remains in a care center. We are having trouble getting her to a place where she can come off
    blood thiners so she can have a knee replacent and be mobile again.

    difficult child has a decent job working for Verizon. As usual they like her and she is a hard worker. All it will take is one person being "mean" and she will quit. I hope
    not, because she makes better money there than a kid in her shoes could make anywhere. She still gets sick in winter as if she were an infant.
    We have had her to th ER several times with super high fevers, pnemonia etc. She chose to move out about 2 months ago, however, it is ridiculous
    because she has no car, or licence and is dependant on us for rides. She works so early in the am that she has to stay here (no busses that early).
    She is only at her place 2 days a week! Not a good situation....room mate is wacked, but then why wouldn't she be? difficult child is still up to her old stuff....pot
    here and there, older friends that are trashy, and more I have no idea about I am sure. She is at least reserving this stuff for her days off when she isn't
    here. Dont know if she is paying her restitution to her brother through the court. She is so shady and the truth is always some dream I hope will be fulfilled!
    I like the 2 days she is gone.
    Please understand how much I value this forum, but stress is a bit high right now and time so limited.
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    Lots on your plate, hugs to you.....
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    Thinking of you always....nice to hear that you get at last two days of respite...
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    It sounds like you have so much pressure, Exhausted. Try to take a little time for yourself. Nice to hear from you, though.
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    Hi friend! Thinking of you always, prayers and hugs too
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    Thanks for the update.. Sounds like you are definety in the sandwhich generation!! I hope things ease up soon, and hope your difficult child keeps doing well at her job, that at least is good news.

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    Glad you are getting 2 days of respice. You life sounds so hectic hope you get a bit more settled soon. -RM