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    Well just a quick update. Still trying to fight to see my difficult child children. A lot of red tape just to get papers to serve to go to court to get visitation to my grandsons. Daily I try to call other grandparents to even talk to them they keep their phone off so hoping to get a hold of them. Its so frusterating. difficult child is still using as far as I hear. I know its so hard knowing this I keep praying she straightens out. Gets help. I feel so helpless I cant help my grandsons or my daughter. So I pray. But im so depressed dr put me on antidepressants I justvwant to stay in bed not see or talk to anyone I put on a happy face for my other kids and grandkids but inside its im a mess

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    (((HUGS))) from one grandmother to another. I know how much your heart must ache...it is a whole other world when grands are involved...
  3. lovemysons

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    I also understand the anguish.

    I hope your daughter will get the help she needs too and that you are able to get in touch with your grandchildren soon.

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    WG, prayers and hugs for you today. Sometimes we just need to lie in bed, sleeping, reading, staring. I believe our bodies need that type of "rest" as we have been under assault for so long---we just have to have time to circle the wagons and regroup.

    I hope you can listen to yourself and be kind to yourself. Do what YOU need, just for today.

    I am so sorry you are being kept from your grandsons. I can only imagine how much loss you are feeling, after you have already lost so much with your daughter.

    Today, WG, turn, and try to focus in a new direction. Focus on YOU. You are just as important as your daughter and your grandsons. You deserve a good life, one rich with joy, peace, contentment and serenity.

    If you aren't already going to Al-Anon, give it a try. You can sit quietly and just listen. Around the room are so many people who have walked the exact path you are walking. They understand, just like we do here on this site.
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    Thank you all. Well today was another court date for my difficult child she was given 6 months to get it together..or grandkids will be placed permanently with other grandparents. I begged the other grandmother to at least let Me talk to my grandsons she says she will call when she can her boyfriend is the controller in the who situation. Im waiting on a call from court house for an appoint to get paper work done our lovely court system is so backed up. My SO and I told grandmother if she needed anything to get a hold of us. She claims her boyfriend is kicking her and children out at end of month..we even offered her a place with children..I would do anything to protect my grandchildren and see them happy. I pray me and SO have got through to her but I know deep down we problem didn't. I asked her to at least give my grandsons a hug and kiss for me. I just wish I could even hear their little voices. It makes it even harder when my granddaughter of my other daughter keeps asking for my grandsons they are best friends it breaks my heart when she tells me she misses her cousin's and cries for them. Im trying to focus more on my three other grandkids but it still feels like part of my heart is missing. All my grandkids have been babies together growing up I cry for them so much. I know im rambling and im sorry I just had to get off my chest. Thanks

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