Using probiotics for autistic children

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    Controlling diarrhea and constipation in autistic children without using antibiotics

    Posted By: News-Medical in Medical Research News
    Published: Wednesday, 8-Sep-2004

    Scientists checking bacteria which live in the intestines of autistic children
    may have found a way to control gut problems, such as diarrhea or
    constipation, without using antibiotics, according to work presented today at
    the Society for General Microbiology’s 155th Meeting at Trinity College Dublin.
    “We have found larger amounts of clostridia bacteria in the gut contents of
    autistic children compared with healthy children,” says Helena Parracho of the
    School of Food Biosciences at the University of Reading. “These organisms can
    contribute to upset gastrointestinal tracts, but also have wider effects, since
    some of these bacteria’s own waste products are toxic and can interfere with
    systems throughout our bodies.”

    The scientists are testing lactic acid bacteria to look for varieties which
    could slow down or stop the growth of the toxic clostridia bacteria. Six of ten
    Lactobacillus strains and one of four Bifidobacterium strains tested inhibited
    the growth of Clostridium perfringens and Clostridium difficile in laboratory

    “If we can use friendly bacteria as a first weapon to fight the initial gut
    symptoms, in a treatment called lactic acid bacteria therapy, we may be able to
    reduce bouts of diarrhea and/or constipation in these children,” says Helena
    Parracho. “By using dietary rather than pharmaceutical interventions we may be
    able to stabilise the metabolism of the children, allowing them to receive more
    effective treatment for their gastrointestinal problems.”
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    Another possibility is to use D-Lenolate (olive leaf extract) because it actually kills off the bacteria and initially causes a Herzheimer reaction, which means that as the bad bacteria die off, one gets flu-like symptoms and feels worse before they start to get better.
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    It is always good to get professional advice before starting something like probiotics or olive leaf extract.
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    hello , Loved the new info. I grab all i can get, my sons newest and BEST dr. ever , said that oral antibiotics kill off all of the good bacteria faster , then the bad bacteria has a better chance to grow and its harder to get it all cause the good bacteria( your defence team is down), is dead, so he says if you need it then get a shot , cause it goes into the blood stream, *Occupational Therapist (OT) - my children(previously sick a lot) have had good results from using
    vit. a,e,c ,daily then echinacea & antioxidants and immune boosters when ill ( all Natural) i also have gotten a trick for ear infections too, AND i promise you they get sick way less often and my friends kids get the same illness at same time and mine will get well sooner and theirs are treated w antibiotics by dr it worked for me and im grateful cause i Hate going to the dr.
    God Bless,Shannon
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    sooo happy that they continue to investigate natural treatments for our difficult child's!

    We need more documentation like this so that the typical western medication doctors will think more in terms of nutritional and alternative based therapies.
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    I read one article where the MD said that he doesn't support homeopathy because he can't figure out why it works. He doesn't deny that homeopathic medicine heals people, he just doesn't understand it.