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  1. Jamieh

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    Me and E filled out his valentine's and made little bags of candy for all his classmates. It was so much fun to do with him. He was very focused and had to get just the right card for each of his little friends and told me why he picked that card for that person. We also decorated little foam hearts and watching him do that with such concentration was so sweet. He put so much work into each bag :) We rarely get these moments, but when we do it's amazing. I had thought it would be difficult to do but he finished it all. He even wrote all the names with no help. I am so stinking proud of him. It's the little things like this that push me forward in this journey. :)
  2. buddy

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    So sweet. I doubt many parents would get how extra special times like this are for us. It is one of the few gifts in all of this, right?
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    Thanks for brought back so many sweet memories from my childhood in the 40's, my childrens valentines in the 60's, the grandsons in the 90's. "Doing valentines" was almost as fun as "bringing valentines home" and looking at each one for the second or third time. Hugs DDD
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    That's wonderful! I don't recall doing anything like that with-my son that he didn't rush through like he had ants in his pants.