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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DavidH, Feb 24, 2008.

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    Hey all you great folks.. A day off FINALLY - job has me going 500 miles an hour but shoot I love it the more they put on my plate the better I am... strange that way... stress me out expect allot, and just to hear the words Good Job, is all I need. :)

    But let me tell ya, if you want to save some bucks, all youhave to do is be out of work for over a year and pinch every penny on everything and I mean everything, mow lawns paint houses just to pay the bills and feed yourself and the little ones.... for over a year, then get a job.... guess what does not change? Yep... pinching penny's - I have not balanced a check book in years... I am funny that way hate doing it... anyway got paid friday and deposited my check and out of curiousity I said what is balance... I almost fell on the bank lobby floor!!!!!!!!!!! haha

    So what do I do... I go and blow 276.00 on a Garmin Nuvi 360 (hey I am a man, and I am the worst at directions have always wanted one and since they have me going all over the place I decided... time to do it... :) I can not wait for it to arrive next week.


    I am not sleeping also at all, no problem falling asleep... but come 2 or 3 AM I am up every 20 to 30 mins and always up on make coffee by 4 am... and now to top things off for the past 4 days I have this increasing neck pain and I look stupid as I can not walk straight and can not hold my head up right.. and when I say pain I mean PAIN.. it takes me allot to go to Dr. I am the type that thinks I waste their time.. I woke up many times this AM screaming in pain it is taking me for ever just to move... I can not touch it and make it hurt so it must be something deep inside it is all how I move... I almost went to emergency room about 3am it was so bad, but as soon as I thought of Justin and how he would be so scared to hear if they kept me to do what ever.. I started crying like a baby in pain and the thought of him being so scared if he found out.. uggg I am a putz ha ha...

    So I took 3 acetaminophen's and am hardly moving...

    Also a funny thing.. I own a big gas hog Ford Truck a guy at one of my stores needed to use it, I said fine just replace the gas -- well he calls me at 8.30pm last night... (mind you this guy is a few roses short of a dozen anyway) and says David!!! your truck died and I cannot get it going, I ask.. did you put gas in it, I told you it eats gas like crazy, he says yep... so I say OK I am on my way... get in my little car I use most and I call him.. and say ... let me ask you... what tank did you put the gas in?? he simply says the one on the driver side! I say.. ok good.. now look at the truck.. do you see two gas doors? what one did you put gas in? He says OH the back one.... I start laughing and tell him to get in truck and flip the switch that says FUEL TANK front/back and try to start... duh... it starts right up..
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    Hey David! Few roses short of a dozen! I have to remember that one!

    Go to the Dr. You probably have a pinched nerve in your neck. He'll probably send you to Physical Therapy (which feels AWESOME! ). Make sure that you let him know that you're taking other medications AND that you recently quit drinking. Sometimes that will affect how your medications would work if he puts you on a muscle relaxant.

    You weren't "crying like a baby", you got some dirt in your eye!


    You might be having trouble sleeping because you've given the "boot to booze". Any change in that type of habit can mess with sleep cycles, so when you go to the Dr. (and you WILL...:hypnosis: ), make sure that you mention the sleep trouble as well. I hate going to the dr's too, so I usually write down a list of all of the stuff bugging me so that I can address it all at once...one less trip to the Dr.!!!

    Glad everything seems to be going well!

    Take care!