Was I the only one watching GA last night...?


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This is Friday, right? Grays Anatomy WAS on last night, wasn't it, or did I just imagine it?

I thought it was a really GOOD episode!

And why didn't it occur to any of us that if Callie married George, her name would then be "Callie O'Malley"!


I was thinking there for a while that maybe Burke would be the only one who DIDN'T get up from the operating room floor!


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Loved it, loved it, loved it!

Every minute.

Loved it.

Ellen Pompeo was at top acting form last night with her interaction with her Mom. She blew me away.

McDreamy seemed to treat her differently after he talked to Ellis. I wonder if we will see more of that later?

I'm not a Callie fan as you guys know. There are rumors that George (TR Knight) might quit because of the brouhaha. I hope it's not true but if it is, it might get rid of both characters.

I loved the way Cristina accepted Burke's proposal. "I'm not a ring kind of girl...we'll be rich, we can hire a wife" or words to that effect.

Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did NOT like Addison and McSteamy at the end. I figure she was working off her lusty Alex fantasies but it just seemed...wrong.



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Suz, I didn't like the Addison/McSteamy part either. It was kind of disappointing.

And I was cheering them on when it became apparent that Christina was accepting Burkes' marriage proposal!


And Merediths mother is evil and creepy! I think I prefer her comatose to "lucid"!! If she was MY mother, I would have strangled her!


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I loved Cristina's plan to make her life work. It's always so much more of a compromise for a women. Way To Go!!!!

I love Callie. She is the one outside of the clique. She always has to be pitted against the "cool kids". George finally got a back bone. I'm so glad. I was almost to the point of wishing he would leave. I'm glad George pushed Izzy back a step or two. She wasn't very nice.

Suz, I may be confused but I thought Addison was with Alex at the end and not McSteamy.

Ellis is horrid to her daughter but she has her own private prison to live with. I had a lot more sympathy for Meredith last night than when she whines. I like her but she whines.

I really enjoyed the show. I'm going to watch it again tonight.


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Yes- the gal who plays Ellis is fabulous, isn't she? (Kate Burton- she's Richard Burton's daughter) She melted into Richard's arms but was so venomous to Meredith. I loved that she told Cristina that she didn't try hard enough so she gave Cristina the courage to say yes to Burke.

Can't wait to watch it again tonight. lol



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Nope, it was McSteamy, Fran. :crazy:

Oh- I did like it that George found his backbone last night, too. What a name Callie O'Malley has. Calliope Iphegenia Torres Poor thing.


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It was excellent! I also don't really care for Meredith's constant baby voice and whining, but she great last night! Man~

I just wanted to reach through the screen so many times...like to give the chief a hug, to slap Ellis in the face when she said those rotten things to Meredith, and knock Addison upside the head for sleeping with McSteamy. Ugh -

I think Callie is so freakin harsh about every little thing, but then, when George pushed back at Izzy, I was happy for her. I thought Izzy was a bit mean all around last night - she even looked surprised by some of the things that popped out of her mouth! lol-

And I wanna buy a wife. :smile:


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My favorite part was the moment Christina and Burke realized she said yes and they would be married someday. They were both SOOOOO excited about it!

Too cute!


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Wendy, you're right. That was so cute- they both kind of SQUEALED at the same time and it was so out of character for them. Too funny.



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I'm going to watch it again tonite, too. :laugh:

I thought the best part was when George was going to flip his oxygen mask back into place and flipped it onto his forehead instead.

Anyone else catch that?




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I thought the acting was superb all the way around. I wish I had taped it so I could watch it again. I loved the Callie O'Malley comment by Alex. by the way my old neighbor's daughter's name is Calliope(the last name is a very Greek name). Her other daughter's name is Dimitria. They both have very dark, long, curly hair.

I hope George doesn't leave, he's one of my favorites. Someone told me Burke is in treatment for homophobia???? because his attitude toward George is very disruptive on the set. Don't know if that's true or not.

I hope Izzy didn't put the whole 8.9 million in the clinic. It would have been smart to invest some and be able to do more free surgeries in the future. I thought Izzy was a brat to the young girl in the clinic.

I wish Meredith would do something with the lock of hair that keeps falling in her face. Perhaps McDreamy understands her better now.

I love I love I love Christine. What a woman! She could do my open heart surgery anytime.



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Nancy, check your tv schedule. It's being repeated tonight at 8 around here. It might be on there, too. :smile:

I've heard various reports about what kind of "rehab" Burke is in. The report that made the most sense is "anger management". I guess this isn't the first set he's had problems with. Burke is one of my favorite characters so I hope he gets his act together and everyone stays put.

I didn't notice Meredith's stray lock of hair, other than I think she has an awful hairdo. Now that you and Fran and Nomad have mentioned it, it will probably bug me, too. lol



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<font color="brown">first a little scoopage (non~plot related). IW is or was went to some kind of anger management center. i think he was there two weeks & is now back on set. according to some pretty reliable sites, this is not mr. washington's first brush with-the the producers of GA. spumor has it he's had to be reigned in from the beginning. can't remember which actess said this but she was in a play with-IW & he blew his stack at one of his fellow actors.....i think she said he actually got physical...as in pushing.

i read the rumor about TK wanting to leave the show. michael auseillio states categorily that TK is not leaving. he's an extremely reliable source & has extensive sources. i've hardly ever seen him have to recant something.

what the heck is wrong with-the name callie o'malley. i think she has the right to be just a tad hypersensitive around george's friends. they are all pretty nasty to her.

i usually love izzy but she was not so nice in last night's episode.

merideth's mom seems like she was pretty horrid merideth's entire life. i think she needs to spend some time getting to know her dad.

i don't think we've heard the last of the repurcussions from what merideth's mom said to derreck.

a three episode story arc for sweeps will, i'm sure, be amazing.

kris </font>


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Loved the ending with Christine and Burke squealing and twirling around. Of course, I also loved the line about "buy a wife" or whatever she said. ROFL. Love Christine.

Meredith's hair has always bugged me too. She usually has it all pulled back, but has that one longer strand hanging down by her ear. Last night they seemed to have swept that part back, but you're right - Nancy and Fran - there was something else driving me nuts about her hairdo lol.

I'm an Izzy fan, and also thought she was not herself last night. Hope they don't change her character.

Loved the analogy Callie used to Addison about the way she was looking at Alex like a piece of meat. I thought for sure those two would be in a liplock before the end of the show.

McSteamy is still a hottie, but his character is so unlikeable on the show. Addison falling into bed with him at the end was just wrong.

I'm probably watching it again tonight too, so make room on the couch for me too, ladies.



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Got it Suz...I'm watching it now, thanks. Yeah they had the one side of her hair tucked in but now the other side was falling out. She would look much better with a different hairdo.

kris who the heck is IW and TK? Is that their real names? I only know them by their character names. I don't think their's anything wrong with Callie O'Malley, just loved the way Alex said it.




I missed it and I'm used to being able to get in on Fridays but it wasn't on.

Does anyone have the link for watching it on the Internet?