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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Apr 3, 2008.

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    for difficult child today. Even though he is in his new class he still has to be walked in from the playground by an aide. He didn't realize this and husband, the vice-principal and difficult child had a talk. difficult child said he truly didn't understand that he still needed to (he had walked in by himself). husband said a single tear rolled down difficult child's face and it was very sad. husband said that difficult child was so sad he didn't even go back to his class just sat in the computer lab with husband. husband told him it was so the other kid couldn't get him trouble anymore. I'm really worried that he will start to think he is a bad kid and that he feels others think he is bad.
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    i haven't been here much as of late so i don't know the whole story. but reading what you wrote i felt so bad. i'm glad that your husband was there with-him while that tear fell. just keep talking to him, and let him know it's not his fault. like i said i don't know the story but sounds to me that you are once again doing a great job at protecting your little person.

    sorry for his sadness.

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    Oh, Sharon. That just breaks my heart. Keep re-inforcing that this action is to protect him, not a punishment.

    Give difficult child some (((hugs))) from this board auntie.
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    I'm so sorry...poor little guy. And he was probably so proud that he'd gotten to class and everything was fine.
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    oh I am so sorry...my heart is heavy for your difficult child. I will send him my warmest thoughts over the next few weeks. I hope something good will come out of this.
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    I hate that difficult child is being singled out in this manner - especially since it's seems that it's being done as a safety issue for both of these boys & not as a punitive gesture to difficult child (unless I'm mistaken).

    wm has been in your difficult children shoes many times. The only thing I can offer is that wm was allowed to have extra play time with the aide until all the other children were already back in school so he wasn't quite so embarrassed. Again, it wasn't a punitive issue for wm or the other child - more a lack of wm being able to hold it together for very long when this other child was doing his best to set wm off & succeeded for the most part.

    wm never understood that the other boy didn't have an aide because the other boy didn't get physically aggressive; nor did wm understand to the extent he was being goaded.

    All in all, a very sad situation. It made me sad for my boy - just broke my heart. I understand how you & husband are feeling. And that's just the way it is for difficult child right now.

    I know we found ways for wm not to focus on the negative of the situation but that he always had an extra 5 minutes of recess time because of the aide. That worked for him