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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Signorina, Nov 27, 2011.

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    I caught the last minutes of it when it originally aired last week and set the DVR to record the repeat showing. It's an episode in the "Curiosity" series and is hosted by Robin Williams.

    They are putting 4 users -a meth addict, coke addict, heroin addict, and marijuana user through mental & physical tests while high & while sober. They did a driving challenge, assembled a bookcase, navigated a smoke house (stimulated house fire) moved a refrigerator, and had a physical exam.

    The changes in their reactions, their personalities & abilities is often dramatic-plus nearly all struggle greatly with performance inhibiting anxiety while high. (except the stoner who doesn't care)

    Very informative. Try to catch a repeat if you can. I think it's also available on demand. I will definitely re watch it with- my younger sons.
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    I'm sorry I missed it.

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    I just checked-it airs again tomorrow night at 8pm central time on the discovery channel for anyone who is interested. I only wish they had gone more in depth with the virtual autopsy/physical exam at the conclusion.