We both need sleep

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  1. crazymama30

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    difficult child is doing well since he got home, except in one area. He is having a really hard time falling asleep. Melatonin used to help, but is not touching it now. This kid had never had problems sleeping, he would go to bed between 8 and 9 on his own and fall asleep.

    Now? The first night home it took several hours. I had to sleep in his room with him and have been doing that ever since. Ladt night was the best, it took just over an hour or more. I also have him a vistaril (25mg). He had taken them before, can't remember if they helped, but maybe it did.

    It does not help that he is sick. When he gets sick he worries that he will die in his sleep.

    I sure hope as he gets over his cold and adjusts to being at home that this gets better.
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    Is he anxious about being home? I know that easy child sometimes has trouble falling asleep. A few years ago I bought difficult child one of those sound machines at Bed Bath and Beyond. He used it for a few weeks, but it's been sitting in his room collecting dust since them. I asked difficult child if easy child could use it and it seems to be helping him. It gives hhim something else to concentrate on and it's relaxing.

    I hope that it gets easier for him to sleep.
  3. buddy

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    That sounds so much like Q. He has never had a huge issue with sleep. Last night he really did. It is often associated with worries like he is going to die. If he eats something that is a left over he will all of a sudden panic that it was too old even though I reassure him that I dont keep bad food in the house (well, of course I have had things go moldy but I throw them and he doesn't eat them).

    Last night he said he was all of a sudden worried about bad guys. When we first moved here that was a fear for over a year and was really the only time we did have sleep issues. Big reason I do all I can not to move because it was so traumatic for him. Now, he knows what will help. So, he told me he is worried about bad guys and will I please tell him again there are none. I told him there are no bad guys in our city, period. He said thanks and finally went to sleep.

    In your case you also have a change in bed, smells, noise level, they probably did bed checks throughout the night??--for him that could have been reassuring so you might tell him you will check on him every half hour so he can not worry about being ill---once asleep do it at growing lengths of time??-- Even though it is his familiar home, it is a big change I bet. And the being sick thing, well that wakes anyone up if they are uncomfortable. Does he get a pain reliever too just to make sure his throat is ok etc.?

    Have you tried increasing the melatonin? What is his night time routine? Does he like a warm bath or story?

    Sorry you are having this issue. I hope it is not his change in medications. Are there any night time medications that can be having a waking effect on him as an idiosyncratic side effect, that you can change to morning?

    Probably silly for me to throw out these brain storm ideas, you think through things so well... just offering ideas since I know how hard it is to feel tired. I need sleep to feel normal. I dont know what I would do if it got to be a pattern.

    Hey, you get to update your signature now, that is a nice thing, right?
  4. crazymama30

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    I am sure he is anxious about being home, he had told me that he is. Some if it is the fact they did bed checks, and the different noises and lights and such.

    A white noise machine might be a good idea, I will look into that.

    As for medications? The only medication he takes at bedtime is melatonin, and he takes 6 mg of it. That seems like a pretty big dose to me.
  5. InsaneCdn

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    What is the routine for the hour before bedtime?
    For many kids, they can't go-go-go and then hop into bed.
    Ours need at least an hour of transition.... used to be more.
  6. buddy

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    oh yeah, It does sound higher than many use already. bummer. He doesn't do any caffine or chocolate I would assume.
    Hmmm, Q uses benadryl for other reasons but I do notice it helps him calm and sleep. For some kids it is terrible though.
  7. TeDo

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    For difficult child 1, Prozac caused bad insomnia. He took it in the morning but since it is one that builds up in a body, it affected his sleep in a big way. Yes, anxiety is another huge thing. I wouldn't increase the melatonin. The noise machine might work but I think just more time and help processing the change will do the trick. Hang in there.
  8. DammitJanet

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    Ok...what is his sleep routine and what does he like? I cant do sleep without noise which means I have to have the TV on. I literally wake up if the power goes off. Isnt that crazy? We used to have Dish TV and they would cut the satellite off at 3am and it would wake me up every damn morning at that time. Drove me nuts. I would have to wake up and turn it back on. Or just stay awake until then and then go to bed.

    Could he have a radio on to soothing music? Or an audiobook? Books are normally something that people can fall asleep reading. Maybe get him a book light and a book he would read. Then his room light his off, he can read in bed and when he feels really sleepy he can just fall asleep and if the book light is still on...so what.

    Or if he can take visteral or benedryl...go for that. Warm milk with a bit of vanilla helps too.
  9. Steely

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    So what did they change his medications to in the Residential Treatment Center (RTC)?
    I would be willing to bet he is overstimulated. He is home, playing with friends, his routine is not yet set again.
    Matt never could fall sleep unless he had medications to knock him out. And like Janet he needed every noise possible on as "white noise" including the lights.
    It didn't help that everything had to be perfectly silent before I could sleep. So many times I wanted to box myself in a sound proof room - or him.
    Hugs - hope things get better soon - but I am so happy for you that everything else is going so well.
  10. susiestar

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    I would ask the doctor to order a sleep study. Given his dad's chronic insomnia, the sleep study will help identify any problems and you can find a way to help him learn to get himself to sleep. Proper sleep is so crucial to all aspects of health.
  11. Wiped Out

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    First off, I'm glad he is doing so well. Sleep-I always have to have a fan on for white noise. My difficult child could never sleep without his medications (but that was because he was almost always in a state of mania). I hope you are both able to get some decent sleep soon.
  12. crazymama30

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    The white noise is something I will look into.
    I gave him vistaril last night and sol do it again tonight. i an not against a sleep study, but I want to let things calm down first. His dads sleep problems were from his BiPolar (BP) and his drug abuse. It would be different if difficult child had always had sleep problems big that if not the case.

    His cousin was also over all weekend so that was exciting too. Tonight we are going to do medications at 8:30 and then settle time untill lights out.
  13. crazymama30

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    As for medication changes done at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) they removed the abilify, added levothyroxine, and kept the lamictal and vyvanse the same. He no longer takes an ap.