We have returned. An update.

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    Hello all!
    First, apologies for being intermittent, at best, lately! I have board withdrawals when I'm away, and I seriously dislike it. I dislike even more taking without giving, it always makes feel guilty. But, our world-travels (or country, anyway) are over for a bit, so as soon as I play catch-up, I should be around for a while again.
    Wee difficult child has had the most awesome summer ever. We just got back from our 11 day camping trip with family and friends - there are 30(+/-) families of us that go together for the entire time - and so many people commented on how great difficult child was this year. He was excellent and I'm so proud of him. We even only had one or two times that he so much as back-talked me. OMG, this summer has been a gift, for sure.
    My daughter in law and grandson will be coming thru tomorrow from CA on their way to SC to see her dad's family. So I get to cuddle with the grandbaby for a couple hours tomorrow, too, which is really exciting. Its not often that people from half-way across the country "stop in" cause they are "in your neck of the woods". lol
    Sitting around the campfire Saturday night, a good friend's daughter mentioned she wasn't looking forward to job hunting this week. She's a senior in high school and a really good girl, and we decided to offer to hire her to babysit difficult child and she jumped on it! She also is doing the work study program and already has all the credits she needs to graduate, so even if the school keeps difficult child on half-days, she'll be out of school to watch him every afternoon after 1pm. I was thoroughly excited. I had another lady lined up to watch him starting today, but I just had reservations about it working, plus I was liable for full replacement cost of any damage he might cause to her property...beyond that, she's a very large lady with health problems and I just wasn't sure she could physically keep up with him - but we didn't have any other options, so I was really glad to hire this girl!
    Tomorrow, we meet the new principal. I typed up a little note that said how great difficult child's summer has been and how the medication tweak seems to be working, and that I was looking forward to working with fresh minds and ideas to make his summer success continue. If Pretty Boy's parting comments about me to the new principal were less than stellar, hopefully my note is positive enough to at least give us a fair shake at a good start. We'll be pushing very hard for full days in whatever setting difficult child needs this year.
    The SpEd director also contacted me this morning, and we'll be getting together with difficult child's new SpEd teacher in the next few days.
    Other than that horrible "waiting for the bomb to drop" feeling, life is good today. And I know you all know that feeling! Things are going along smoothly other than I'm really broke from all the running around of late! That and I'm having horse withdrawals, cause I haven't ridden in a month!
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    What a great update! I'm glad Wee difficult child did so well at family camp. I like the sound of the note to the new principal-sounds very positive. How great that you found a babysitter for difficult child. Enjoy cuddling with that grandbaby!:)