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is coming up. I dread this week. When we grew up, our parents had a cottage on the water, beach, boat, motorcycles, raft. We lived there from the time school got out until school started, every year. My dad drove to town for work. (22 miles) but 40 years ago nobody drove that far.

Anyway, when my dad started getting sick they gave the cottage to the six kids. Which in turn we turned into a S-corporation so the wealthier ones would not get sued if an accident occurred. We all have 1/6th shares in this corporation.
Most of my family is quite a bit older than me, wealthy and have summer homes of their own. Most do not even live in the state. As long as I can remember all my brothers and sisters do is talk about all the money they have, and talk about what is wrong with each others kids(behind their backs). All but one of my neices and nephews are grown, married and have their own kids. I have one brother a year older, married three years, has a two year old, lives in Southern California..We didn't see him for sometimes 5 years at a time. Since his son was born they have come home for this week each summer. I DO like to see him.
Also, it gives me a chance to visit my mom. She isn't well, and each time I go home I wonder if it will be the last time I see her. (home is only 2.5 hours away)

I have one sister, one brother who live in that town. Now the problem. They are such jerks! Know it all's. difficult child is so smart, sociable, and loves to be there. Isn't shy at all. yet they all have to tell him or me what is wrong and what we should do about it. Sister and sister in law = teachers. (they are old enough to be my parents, they teach old school techniques). I DO NOT care to share ANY information regarding difficult child. If he has a meltdown, I don't care. They will talk, whisper and have their own conclusions as to what is wrong with him regardless of what I say. I just dread going. But this is something difficult child looks forward to every year. It is the only time he see's any relatives. I feel bad most of the year when holidays roll around and all his friends are at Grandma's or Auntie's, and difficult child has none. Sister's and Brothers live hours away, and they go to their kids' home with their grandkids. I don't want to rain on difficult child's parade, but I really don't want to go. I did take off of work so we can go. Thinking of going up earlier in the week and doing special things with him, then going to the cottage when everyone is expected and just stay the weekend. Everyone else will be there the whole week. I just have this horrible guilt hovering over me if I do that. difficult child really wants to be with them.

Stressing already! They are just not nice people. Stuck up snobs that are better than everyone else. They are even worse than that. I have no desire to see them. Is that awful or what!
As they say, you can pick your friends, but you are stuck with family.

I have an array of family members that I do not care to see. I see them as rarely as possible. But there are times that it is necessary.

At the risk of sounding repetative, if you had some counselling, and were feeling better about yourself, the whispers and general "not-niceness" would not bother you so much.

That is what worked for me.

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I so understand not always wanting to be around family for long periods (but for other reasons-and not my brother or sister). I think going earlier and then just spending the weekend sounds like a nice compromise.