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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jody, Mar 17, 2010.

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    I took my oldest daughter to get cleats for soccer last night. I was so happy and so carefree. I looked over in the seat next to me as we were driving and my 17 year old is crying. I was just stunned and she said she remembers me like this, before difficult child. I put my dog to sleep yesterday, I have had H1N1 and left over affects from having salmonella poisoning, but yet I am so much more relaxed. difficult child has been in the psychiatric hospital. I have had a break, I quit a job, I have worked on cleaning house, I have slept, rested and pampered only me. I played with my other dog. I cannot believe how life can be so relaxing. I am so much more tolerant of people and have more patience since difficult child has been hospitalized. She should be released in a couple of days. I like me today. I don't want to go back to that stressed, nut that I was before. She pushes every button she can. I hope I can maintain some of the peace that I have now. I haven't been thinking of her every minute. SO nice. I am glad to know that I am here somewhere just a little hidden. Has it ever felt like this to anyone ever else. Do youjust go right back to being that nutty person you don't want to be?

    I do know that every night I do NOT want to go home, but this week I couldn't wait to get off and go home. :)
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    I haven't been in your position... but I imagine discharge planning is key here. A difficult child can wreak havoc on the emotional well-being of every member of the family. I kmow it can be a burden, but do you & easy child have any therapy for yourselves? It can help things from getting too far out of whack.
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    Hugs Jody,
    I can understand how you are feeling. easy child/difficult child feels much more relaxed when difficult child is in the psychiatric hospital (like he is now). I agree with TM about therapy-it can really be helpful. Also be sure you when difficult child comes home you continue to take care of you (I know it is easier said than done but it is so important). Hugs.
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    Take this time to recharge your own batteries. How you are feeling is to be expected. If you can at all figure out a way to keep some time just for yourself, and possibly you and easy child, once difficult child comes home, do it. Everyone needs that break.

    I haven't had to put Wee inpatient (yet, I fully expect it will happen at some point), but I have been without him for a few days at a time. There have also been stretches where things have gone well and he's almost been like having a easy child around. I have found when he comes home (or the difficult child behaviors return), for me, the first few days of dealing with it again are really hard. I think, for me, there's a period of let-down, or enhanced grief, or whatever you want to call it...getting back into the "daily grind"...that comes with the return of difficult child.