Weird stuff at school, not surprised but...

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    1. I asked when the "peer" stuff was going to start (I mean this has gone on since week 3 of school) and they said Mon so on mon they brought THREE kids into his "office" area and he was on the computer. It didn't go great. So the boys thought going to the gym the next day was a good idea so mr sp ed admin took them there and Q got disrespectful and silly and out of control.

    OK, this is the kid that has 2:1 DAPE He is not even with the Special Education. kids because when he does motor things, he loses all ability to control the blurts and he does not have good motor skills and seeks deep pressure so he throws, hits, slams, twirls, etc...

    I get an email that it did not go well so they are going to put it all on the back burner.

    SOOO. I reminded mr sp ed admin that at the 3 hour meeting we AGAIN discussed a very structured social skills program. Knowing that he does not have the skills, which is why we are doing this, and knowing that the first time he does ANYTHING it always is too much for him.... We all agreed that he woudl learn a game with an adult first, then he would do it until it was routine (like UNO) and then bring in one peer then do that for a while, give reinforcement, help guide the conversation, etc.... and little by little add kids etc. Art projects work too...

    I said I didn't think it was fair to stop it because he was set up to fail. (he actually agreed and said we will just take a break and re group...yeah, I know what that means, next IEP is on Monday, they will say how awful he was and that these poor kids saw that etc. )

    so frustrating.

    Then lawyer called. she said that the school is saying we need to pay for record copying. I understand that, actually his record is huge as you can imagine. BUT she said in all the years she has worked in this school system, they have never made any parent or them pay for that. Q is the first. THAT seems so wrong. She said something in this district is so off right now... wow.

    I doubt I can afford to pay for his record to be copied. Just the two years that are at this school is huge. It will be expensive.

    She wants me to call her tonight. I wonder how they get paid, since it is legal aid I wonder if I have to come up with the money or they just dont get the record? oh my.

    Teacher said they cleared the class again. This time she said it was because Q started blurting when she switched videos during a relaxation thing, it just set him off and he was really relaxed up to that point... you gotta wonder what life is like in his head right?? but she followed the plan, tried to get him to go to his "office" and then when he escalated she called for support to get him there so we could avoid the clearing the class thing but no one showed up. they ahve walkies etc. so I have no clue why that happened. I know the principal was there but I think she did not want him to come (I saw him, I was there) she didn't call me either, I was there and the nurse already had called me once but I never had to go to see Q just the threat solved the problem, he was playing around and said he wouldn't take the medications...he did though)

    Nurse and I wrote the disability teaching thing. she did an amazing job! I think the team will say no because she used his name, I said yes it was OK because the kids already know who, dont treat them like they are dumb. She wrote it perfectly. And included how they can help by saying HI to him in the hall and making him feel included. (that is huge to Q).

    Lawyer told me that this nurse is quiet but she has had experience with her before in that she really stood up and talked on behalf of the kid she was there for) So, actually I dont think the nurse is even going to show the sp ed team. they said we can do it so she has already talked to the english teachers to schedule a time, lol.

    I hear he is getting quite a bit of work done, wish he didn't have the social issues. after they cleared the class he pulled a chair into the hall (they have a computer area in the middle of each section of classes so that is like 12 computer labs besides the library that is were they were...and he just kept on swearing and rocking etc...he HATES to be left alone and not a part of things. so it just escalated it. ugg.

    OH, and yesterday when she called to tell me about some things, I mentioned the peer thing and what I said to mr sp ed. and then asked if the sp therapist could run it since that is her thing...and he is not doing her worksheets anyway.. and she said well we have to discuss tha tat the IEp meeting. It was the first time I have gotten angry with her on the phone. It is not an IEP change, it is just a schedule change in her therapy. He has social comm. goals and it just means calling that time his session. NOT an IEP change. I have done this job for years.

    I said if I have to wait to have every question answered for an IEP meeting.... then that means I get jan-beginning of june--and june wont ask questions. that is 5 times to ask things. And all those weeks of things not happening until that point and then the weeks after to arrange it... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? no other parent has to wait to talk about every single issue. I get it if it chagnes the IEP in anyway that is different. But normal teaching stuff. That is just game playing. and I just told her if you tell me again we need to put it on the IEP agenda I will flip my lid. The agenda is too long already every time. we never get through it and this woudl be a low priority and tabled until a whole month later. Then the same guy would be trying to do communication/social skills training and he is not the licensed teacher in that area. UGG
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    I'm sorry they are being yucky. Glad the lawyer is talking to you. Give Q a hug for me.
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    Wow. There is still a lot going on and I so feel for Q. I can just imagine the kinds of things he is having to deal with. Not to mention all the additional stress for you. UGH. They just are not willing to work with you are they. Don the armor and get the lawyer really revved up. I would love to be a fly on the wall every time the lawyer speaks to anyone at that school. LOL