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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Liahona, Jul 8, 2013.

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    difficult child 1 got home yesterday night from a 3 week stay with x. First thing out if his mouth when he saw me was a very defensive "am I in trouble?" I asked him why would he be in trouble he has been gone for 3 weeks? His response was his little brothers would've made something up about him while he was gone just to get him in trouble. I changed the subject to get him calmed down and he was really happy for a few min. Then he started again about his brothers lying to get him in trouble. Then the subject changed and he was happy. He got home and tried to give stuff away to his siblings. (I have nothing against gift giving, but he uses the gift as leverage.) Then difficult child 2 got a lego toy he wanted. Right after squishing that debate difficult child 1 accuses difficult child 2 of bad language. difficult child 2 never says bad words. difficult child 1 either heard wrong or is lying to get difficult child 2 in trouble so he can get the toy. I try to talk to difficult child 1 about it, and he is adamant difficult child 2 swore. So adamant he got sent to his room. When he got to come back up he was asking why I always think I'm right and telling me that the medications aren't good for him. difficult child 1 is on an emotional rollercoster. Happy kid one min and then mad then almost hysterics over small things.

    I know it is x and also the huge change of going from one household to the other. It just looks like it is going to be a rocky few weeks. (And then he goes back to x for 2 weeks right before school starts.)

    difficult child 1 sees therapist in 3 days.
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    thank goodness for small mercies?
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    Yikes! Is he taking any medication?
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    Yes, I just don't have our pharmacy in the sig. He is on a good combo of medications for him. 450 mg Seroquel, .3 mg Clonodine taken nightly. They help a lot with the hallucinations and his sleep. Without them he has multiple hallucinations a day and gets up really early or can't sleep at night.

    He did better tonight and even went to go calm down instead of exploding. My supervision level right now is very high though.

    Something sad; Cherub doesn't remember him. He used to be able to calm her down second only to me. I'm sure he will be back in her good graces soon, but it is just sad.
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    Liahona- I too have some of the same issues with tk in a way she does not understand why I never believe her. I have come to the conclusion that I am not god and don't know everything that I think I know. For example ex told me that boyo punched tk in the side of the head because she was berating him about a video game they were supposed to be playing together.

    I have never seen boyo demonstrate that level of aggression towards tk, I have seen him push her and be irritating little brother ( in large because she is down right violent to him at times) but I have never seen him do that to her. And I had been witnessing more of boyo shoving pushing tk in recent weeks before visit to ex's house. So I don't think ex is lying. And I do think sometimes in the past tk has been telling the truth and I disbelieved her.

    You are the only person who can make these judgement calls but it is tempting when we have a VERY difficult child to take everyone else's side against the difficult one.

    Such a long road to hoe. It is exhausting.
    You have my sympathies juju and strength by being in my prayers.
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    Hopefully you will make some progress when difficult child 1 sees the therapist. Getting him back into the routine at your house will be a huge help, too.