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    Hi Nuone - I copied and pasted your post so that we can be sure you get a proper CD board welcome. :) Glad you found us!

    Hi - pretty much a newbie myself and have been reading the threads with much interest and really wishing that I had found this site many years ago. I have a 16 yr old adopted difficult child and could really have done with this kind of support and shared knowledge while going through these crazy-filled years. I am surprised that your child has had conduct disorder associated with him at this early age. My difficult child has been on medications since pretty early - adhd, odd which has sadly developed into conduct disorder. We have been through the mill, into places and situations that can only be described as omg - what now !!!! Have you done much research on cd - it is quite a hectic thing, and my difficult child displayed signs of this kind of behaviour from an early age too, but having said that, we are still here, he is still living in my home even though it is a minefield most of the time, and reading through some of the other threads on this site gives me comfort that I am not alone in this (husband left when he was 5) and seeing what others go through has been good for me in realising that I will make it through a little longer. Thanks for a great place to be. Hope that I can have something to share that will help along the way.
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    Welcome! Here's some iced tea and a soft pillow.
    You are definitely not alone.