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    I had another yard sale this morning, in addition to having stuff listed for sale online during the week. I had spoken to one man last night on the phone and we agreed he should just come by this morning to get what he wanted to buy and look at the other stuff.

    So the phone is ringing and ringing a couple of different times while I had people here asking questions and trying to buy stuff. I didn't answer thinking it was the man from last night calling to say he'd changed his mind. It turns out it was difficult child. He was allowed to leave a 9 sec message on VM. I completely missed my chance- I knew he had to work to a certain level before getting phone privileges but didn't know how long that would take and had forgotten that while in processing, that phone call- if allowed- would be early Sat. mornings. :( Hopefully he'll get the privilege again next week and I'll remember.

    Then, I was standing outside to watch for people coming (half the stuff for sell is in the back yard and half is in a room that opens up to the rear yard). A couple walked up who recognized me before I recognized them- lo and behold- it was my ex-boss, who I had worked for for many years and who had replaced me after I took a leave of absence due to difficult child stuff in winter, 2009. I also suspect he's not been giving me a good reference. Mind you, to a certain extent I understand because every time I said the problem was solved, there I would go again needing time away from work to deal with court, psychiatric hospital, sd, or supervise difficult child. But, I honestly was telling the truth and it bothered me that he might have doubted that because I had worked for him so long- and it bothered me that he replaced me while I was on leave of absence with no warning and I ended up getting no unemployment.

    Anyway, I had always thought his wife was real sweet and as usual, she was very friendly and started asking a lot of questions about how I was doing and where is difficult child now. Oh boy- I dreaded catching them up on that but knew I had to give a brief update. The wife was saying "OMG, I can't imagine the emotional toll all this has taken on you- we know you, you have done absolutely everything you can for your son", etc. My ex-boss was looking embaressed and starting to squirm and look guilty. The only thing I hope is that maybe he'll quit giving me a bad reference if in fact, thiis is what has been going on. I was almost in tears by the time they left- it is all so painful for me yet today seemed to be the day for everyone I saw to ask me tons of personal questions.

    Then, after they left I walked into the room behind me and someone had stolen my best small item I'd had for sale. That really disgusted me but of course, there was nothing I could do about it at that point. I had not paid much attention to people walking around behind me while I was talking to this couple. The only other item ever stolen from me at a yard sale was the darn swiss army knife that difficult child had on him when arrested and had used the night before to cut the money out of my pockets. It didn't exactly break my heart to have that gone. But stealing is one thing that always flies all over me.

    One lady grabbed the book "Parenting With Love and Logic"- I charged her 75 cents and told her "Good luck" on her way out.

    A man about 75-80 yo bought the Pink Floyd CD set of "The Wall". LOL!!

    Then I had the nosiest lady I have ever met. As I mentioned, a lot of people seemed to be asking a lot of questions today- was I moving, where am I moving, where am I working, do I klive here alone, why am I moving, am I having trouble financially. OK, I can understand wondering about these things, but frankly I don't think it's appropriate to ask a person you just met at a yard sale these things. This one lady though didn't even stop there. How did I end up without a job, do I go to church, do I pray, what do I pray about or for. That's where I drew a HUGE line that went beyond tactful hints. She seemed a little offended but hey, I figure enough was enough.

    Now it's time for me to get some rest and haul everything in before it starts raining and maybe, just maybe I'll watch some college football this evening.
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    Glad your old boss was looking guilty and uncomfortable. Hoping good recommendations start coming your way. I'm sorry you had an item stolen and that you missed difficult child's phone call.