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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by catwoman, Jan 28, 2009.

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    My week started off badly enough with my difficult child having a meltdown over the phone with me. Then I tore a muscle in my calf, and while having it x-rayed they found "significant increase in the bone density." The orthopedist showed me the x-ray and there is a shadowed area in the bone. He "can't say what it could be without more tests," so I get to worry until I have the MRI next week and then wait four days for the results. A few hours after getting that news, easy child/difficult child daughter calls to tell me she's found out her husband has been having sex with the 18 year old babysitter for about 6 months. Her husband is a recovering alcoholic/addict who just finished his 4th stint in rehab. Life with him has never been easy but this has devastated her, she has 4 kids. I'm 2 hours away from her and feel terrible that I'm not there. I know I can't fix this but she needs a shoulder to lean on. Boy, it's true, bad things seem to come in threes, don't they?!
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    Well, dang it all. easy child has learned a valuable lesson on why you use menopausal women as babysitters. Sounds like her husband could use a good swift kick in the arse. Be there to listen when she wants to unload. It's about all you can offer anyway. Poor kid. That really reeks.

    I know you're worried about the bone density. But if you hadn't torn the muscle, who knows when they'd have discovered it? Hopefully it's nothing big, or at least that they caught it quickly and treatment is swift and easy.

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    I am so sorry for your worries. I will pray for a good diagnosis on your leg. Your poor easy child is in such a horrible position. It sounds like she will have to make alot of difficult decisions in the comming months. Perhaps a counselor is in order for her to sort through all her many feelings so she can make the right choices for herself and her children. -RM.
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    I'm so sorry. I hope you receive good news re your leg; as Daisylover said, at least this injury led to its discovery. Re your daughter, how awful for her. Babysitters and secretaries should all be menopausal! She'll need your support and a listening ear for sure. And difficult child ... well, with all of this you have every reason to hang up the phone if he melts down again, and just not put up with his fits. Best for you, good for him.

    Hugs and here's hoping the week ends better than it started.
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    I'm so sorry about easy child and her H. I am with Lisa - swift kick in the arse for her H!

    Just try to be there for your daughter as best you can for now. She needs to work this out - what a shame. What a stupid man he is.

    I will pray for a good outcome on the MRI - try not to freak out (about anything); you will run yourself ragged.

    Hugs -
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    Just a hug and an understanding heart. Hope the news on the leg is good.
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    Hugs from me too, catwoman. Fingers crossed.

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    Sending hugs to you and your daughter. I am so sorry about her husband. You daughter has many decisions to make in the near future. I hope that whatever the best possible outcome is, that it happens for her and the children. I also think a swift kick for the husband, or a taser, whatever works.

    I am so sorry you tore the muscle. I hope the docs were willing to give you pain medications to help you handle the pain. I AM glad they xrayed it and found the dense section of your bone. whatever causes this, it is better found NOW than later. Please try not to worry yourself to death between now and the MRI results. Whatever happens, we are here for you.