What an ironic assignment!

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  1. TerryJ2

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    difficult child is taking a class called "Health I." It deals with-life events, sex, VD, etc.
    You can figure out the rest from my email, which I copied to the school guidance counselor.

    Dear Ms. H:
    I noticed on Parent Express that difficult child has two F's in your class already.
    We talked about what happened. He said they were both on the topic of stress.

    I have no idea what the format or length of each assignment is, but I had
    difficult child at least make a list of five things that stress him out. I printed it out
    and he is supposed to bring it to you, regardless of how late it is. Our
    household rule is that he does every assignment, even if it's late.

    I'm sure you are aware that he has a 504. He has Asperger's and takes
    everything very literally. One of his dxes is stress. He did not want
    to do the list of personal items because ... they were too personal. Sounds
    strange, but true. I sat down and did the list with-him and told him that they are
    universal stressors and he does not have to worry about anyone getting into his
    The other assignment seemed more detailed. He said that he was supposed to
    interview different people in different age groups and ask them about their
    stressors, triggers, etc. I asked him if there was a worksheet or outline for it
    and he was not able to tell me.

    There is no way that he would independently do this assignment. I wish I
    had known before it was assigned. I would have helped him, or we could have
    gotten one of his ROTC buddies or his girlfriend to help him. He said he
    interviewed two people and turned in the paper. That's not good
    enough--obviously. He got an F. He has to do it over and at least go through the
    motions. I will be happy to help him.

    I will also be happy to meet with you to explain his quirks in this area.
    I'm sure there will be assignments like this in the future and it's just setting
    him up for failure. He acts fine in class but he flies right under the
    Let me know a convenient time to meet. My schedule is relatively
    All the best,
  2. TerryJ2

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    Oops. Should have typed "anxiety."
    Oh well.
  3. Liahona

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    Stress anxiety... They're just different sides of the same coin. That is a very ironic assignment. Good luck with the teacher.
  4. Bunny

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    I hope that the teacher agrees to meet with you.
  5. HaoZi

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    Yeesh. Good luck!
  6. TerryJ2

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    She just called. She sounds young and energetic and very nice.
    She said she was not aware that he had a 504 and the guidance counselors are still handing out info.
    Argh! It's two wks into the semester.
    Anyway, she said it's fine to hand in the assignments late.
    She also noted that there was a student who, in the second class, came up and told her that his parents wanted to know why the school was interested in his family's stress issues and that they did not want to participate ... was that difficult child?
    I said it sure sounds like something he would do! lol.
  7. buddy

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    Well, if.that was him he at least tried to address the issue. Really tough assignment for more than a few teens.I would think.
  8. cubsgirl

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    That does sound like a difficult assignment, especially for teenagers who don't want anyone to know what they are feeling inside (easy child or difficult child) or in their "business". It's great that the teacher called you and at least now she knows he has the 504. Way To Go handling the situation.
  9. Bunny

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    It songs like she is at least willing to work with him and that's a good thing. I'm glad that she called you back.
  10. TerryJ2

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    Me too!
    I got difficult child to complete one of the assignments last night ... it looks like a first grader did it. And he left it on the kitchen table. :(