What hapenned to the OCS?

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    On Friday Carson refused to do work in Math class. He was given choices, chances, cool down time--and he lost control and called his teacher a "stupid 8itch". Principal told me he would be given OCS for one day. When I picked him up that afternoon he was sitting in the office, up at the counter, drawing a picture. Because the "OCS Lady" wasn't there.

    Last night, Carson spent the night with his Dad. Dad forgot (ha) to pack him a lunch so I told Carson I would bring him lunch. Carson was NOT in OCS, he was with his regular class. I asked him if he had been in OCS at all today. No (and he was confused why I would ask him that). As lunch was over I said to his Math teacher "I thought he was supposed to be in OCS today?" She replied, "I have a note that says he was...?"

    I picked him up this afternoon and he wasn't in OCS but outside playing!!

    Did everyone *forget* he had OCS? I think it is STUPID to tell him/me he has OCS and then delay it. Or not follow through on it. Like he is going to get anything out of OCS a few days LATER. Ugh.

    Husband said maybe he wasn't getting OCS due to the IEP--but I remember them saying that he would still be diciplined like everyone else... so I dunno. Geez.
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    That is frustrating. difficult child 1 got into trouble at school the afternoon on the last day before Christmas break last year. I didn't find out about it until everyone went back to school after New Years. They actually had the audacity to want to meet with me to discuss punishment. I said, "Why on earth are you waiting until now to tell me this?" Their response was that they were in a hurry to get out of school for break (principal had to catch a flight to France that night) so they weren't able to do anything then. I pointed out that it was not difficult child's fault they didn't deal with it and that it would not be fair to punish him after this ,uch time because he honestly wouldn't be able to tell you what happened back then to begin with. It was the ONLY time they got tongue-tied and dropped it.

    I would say the same thing to your sd. "You told me he was going to be in OCS on Monday and YOU didn't follow through so I refuse to let you punish him because YOU didn't follow through. YOU said Monday, well, Monday is over." Period. Good luck. I would love to hear what response they manage to put together to try to justify delaying it.
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    I agree with Tedo!!
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    I hate it when schools are the difficult children. Just really hate it.