what if difficult child can't work? State support?

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  1. My difficult child is only 13 right now, but since he has diabetes, I'm already thinking of how he MUST keep insurance coverage. Anybody else - fine, just make sure he has full time job with insurance. difficult child, not so much. What kind of coverage is out there if he just is not able to hold down a full time job when the time comes?
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    Yes, insurance is a worry for our difficult child's. Many do have to rely on state insurance because of disabilities but others do go on to work and have insurance that way. At 13, unless he is already on disability or medicaid, it is a little young to worry maybe. You might want to join us on the General board because this section really deals with the trials of the over 18 crowd. We dont want to scare you to death!
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    LOL Janet

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    I understand your concern. My son has a wide variety of disabilities, several which are medical. Usually he has no insurance. At the moment he has insurance via the college. But he's done without for a number of years. However if your sons illness is bad enough, often welfare will cover them medically if he can't get insured any other way. Of course with all the current changes trying to go thru the system..........Who knows what it will be like once your son reaches 18?

    I do hope you join us over in General. :D

  4. Thanks guys :) I'm in General too - just figured this would be the place to post that particular question. difficult child MUST have insurance, as we can't afford his insulin without it and if he has no insulin, he will die.
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    Given that the insurance reforms will be in place by the time he turns 18 years old, will he not be protected?
  6. I don't know. Right now he is on state insurance. I'm not sure we could afford his medications on private insurance.
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    I'Tourette's Syndrome probably a bit early, but you should contact the state agency that he is covered by now when the time comes to see what the best transition for him will be.