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    So - I am wondering - difficult child was arrested about a month ago - posession and suspicion of dealing. Pretty serious situation due to the fact that this is his second arrest in 2 years, he is only 17 and he had weed (less than an ounce but more than personal use), molly (personal use amount) and many used CO2 containers in his car. So - he has been in rehab as many of you know for now exactly 2 weeks. It's not going great. He is verbalizing a desire to be clean, but is struggling behaviorally - resisting the "structure" at rehab - doesn't want to get up - doean't want to clean his room, etc. We have similar problems with him at home - refuses rules - defiant if confronted about it. In general, difficult child is a peaceful soul - until he hears a no or gets a consequence. At rehab another issue they are having is he is refusing to explore non-stimulant ADD medication and they will not recommend stimulants. He bascially can't do school work without medications so that's not going well either. So - all of this will be written up in the rehab report which will go to the judge. difficult child wants control. He is refusing all suggestions of rehab like 12 step - medications, etc.....says he's just going to not us (I do think he means it for now) I am wondering what the possibilities may be when difficult child has court in 3 weeks if this report and his attitude doesn't improve. husband refuses to pay for a 3-6 month program - says it's a waste of money. I know the court can order one - but my understanding is they won't yet - will want him to fail at home first.....is that true? Thoughts?