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    adding the # to the street on the envelop is usually handy isn't it? husband sent difficult child 1 two money orders over the weekend. I kept getting emails saying where is the envelop from the staff. I kept asking did you really mail this out.

    He stomps into the living room tonight after my comment and says this is the other envelop I made out when I did that one so I would be ready next time. I caught a quick glance and told him to come back. He refused. So I followed him to his space and pointed out what was wrong with the envelop. No street number. The street name is there and all the other stuff just not the #. Now this wouldn't be a big deal in a lot of towns they would get it to the place but um this is a bigger city here and there is no way they are going to mess with it. Then he tries to lay it on me. Well that is the address you gave me. Oh no buster that is so not the case. I pulled out the paperwork that I had handed him and I saw the street number listed.

    I know why he missed it. The number was on the line above the rest with the name of the group that houses difficult child 1. Because it is in letter form and he just copied the part that came on the next line. He didn't read the WHOLE thing. I have told him about that before. So now there is $50 floating around somewhere in mail h*ll.

    He looked at me after pointing out what he had done and asked me where it was then. As if I am going to know that.

    When will I learn that I have to do it all myself. He isn't the writing sort. I know better. But he was so proud of himself that he did it and look what happened. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then I had to finish being mad at him because there was a knock on the door.

    Why can't he read the whole thing. I am sure he was told that in school and goodness knows I tell him and ALL of the other children that have shared our home that. Why don't they understand?

    Like we can lose that kind of money. NO one can. GRRRRRRRRR.

    And you know when his brother leaves he will either pretend like it didn't happen or somehow it will be my fault. ERRGGGGGG.

  2. Andy

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    If he put a return address on it - it may come back some day. (probably when the post office stops using it as an example of "what is missing" in their training? - just kidding! LOL)

    Just out of curiosity, you may want to check the other envelope he made out - with any luck, maybe he sent the wrong one?

    It reminds me when easy child was 5 years old. She "addressed" an envelope and then put a stamp in each of the top two corners, "I couldn't remember which corner it goes in so I put a stamp in both."
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    To quote another difficult child/husband: D-OH!:hammer:
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    Beth, I have a question...

    Has your husband always had issues with completing ALL of the steps? Or is this something that has come on over time?

    I have 2 possible theories.
    1) Your husband has a mild impairment in the executive function, which causes him to have trouble with this stuff


    2) It's a machiavellian plot to get you to handle everything, so that husband doesn't have to.

    Sorry that you're having to deal with the fallout and getting blamed for his slip-up, but it just started me thinking about what's at the root of it.

  5. mrscatinthehat

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    Well the envelope came back. Now I will get things together and get it out correctly.

    Trinity - I think it is a little of both.

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    Sounds similar to my years with Useless Boy...who didn't mail the PGE bill and blamed the entire universe when the power was shut off...
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    I'm pretty sure this is why rolling-pins were invented. :devil:
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    Is that the right word...rolling-pin? It's not sounding right. I posted it and keep repeating the word and it just doesn't feel right. I mean, it's not really a pin. Well, you know what I mean anyway, right?

    Yeah. I need something to cause more cognitive dulling. :hammer:
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    It IS called a rolling pin, but I'm not sure why either.

    A bit of research might uncover why...

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    YOU WERE MARRIED TO TUPAC???????? :tongue: