Where can I get this appraised?

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    I've been cleaning out my mother's apartment and yesterday I found something neat. It is a gold medal; looks like a coin but is nearly 3 inches in diameter and about 1/4 inch thick. There is a picture of a horse runing on the front and under the grass is some fancy stuff that says in small letters "sports courses." On the back it says "Chartres 1er prix 1907" and a bouguet of oak and other leaves and what looks like a scroll. It is gold colored, but obviously not real gold, but pretty heavy. It is in a nice, velvet lined box with an indentation where it fits tightly.
    My grandparents got married in 1905 and my grandfather did have race horses. I know he took them to Cuba and to Mexico but certainly not to France. I assume it is his but I have no idea exactly what it is or where or how he got it.
    I live in the middle of nowhere and I'm sure there is nobody around here who'd have any idea about it. Does anybody have any idea where I could find out it's history, etc.?
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    Try Worthpoint.com - they have a 7 day free subscription. I tried looking on Ebay for you - they have tons of medals but couldn't find one of your description

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    Could he have travelled to Quebec? Or even Louisiana?
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    hi, Mutt! Chartres is in France. I will do some research tomorrow. How do you know that it's not gold?