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    Hi All,

    I feel so stupid not knowing ANYTHING about elimination diets but starting to read alot about it and I am interested but all this information is overwhelming. I want to do try this for my son (6 years old) but I dont know where to begin or how to begin (and I dont want to spend a ton of $$, i dont have it and I am not sure its gonna work). My whole family is extrememly picky, myself included. Is there a way to eliminate the most common thing first then work our way down the list? I want to take baby steps before trying to convince husband to invest in the books.
    can you help me and identifying a few common things to eliminate?
    Thank you
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    amy saw your post and wanted to help yet than i read your question lol. i am clueless. i am guessing you mean any sugars, processed saturated fats, etc.??

    i slowly eased my house into it. once my older one moved out i was able to go further. she was our resident junky!

    i do not buy cookies anymore, i bought my last small box last week for kids. we do alot of kashi snacks, graham crackers, fruits, grapes, oranges apples, i let the kids make shakes oncea week with low fat ice cream yogurt stuff and chocolate syrup. my daughter now gets excited over some chex mix or something like that. whereas in past she'd be satisfied only with hard core sugars LOL

    anyway hopefully some experts on food soo not me will follow

    welcome and good luck
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    are you speaking about elimination for the general health reasons or elimination trial fo behavior issues?

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    Or allergic reactions?