why are there no summer camps for.................



why are there no summer camps for.................

Bi-polar kids? I found like one in another state that was only $3000 a week, wow (sarcasm)

There are camps for kids with autism and physical handicaps (and there should be) but what about the other kids with Bi-polar?

This frustrates me.


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I remember looking for a camp for my difficult child and getting nothing out of hours and days worth of searching and phone calls.


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Just a thought - I know there are social skills programs that function as after school activities. I wonder if these programs have summer camp components? They may not call themselves a camp for bipolar kids, but I they may be a reasonable alternative. For example, there's a social skills program in LA called BLAST and I think it offers games and hikes and horseback riding.

Probably not what you're thinking of but I thought I'd mention it.




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I was *just* thinking about this the other day (well, not bi-polar specific :wink: ). Last year, difficult child 1 was able to attend the local YMCA Summer Camp and did well with no problems at all, but obviously we're dealing with a different level of illness this year and unless the medications work wonders and he gains some great coping skills, he's probably not going to pull it off this year...and I can't see him sitting around the house all Summer being good for ANY of us.

What's a family to do?

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My difficult child attends a special needs camp. Every week of the summer they have a different age group with different disabilities.
The week she attends is not necassarily for bipolar kids, it is actually for developmentally delayed. There are lots of kids there with the same diagnosis as she has.



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I never thought about looking for a special needs camp. We have been fortunate in having a very close knit church camp for ALL kids no matter what physical or mental problems there may be. They have a nurse practitioner and several counselors who work with kids in all kinds of groups (i.e.YMCA,Scouts,etc.)outside of camp. There has been one year a few years back that difficult child was sent home from camp for acting out though and because of that year we chose not to send him the next year until he felt he could get through the whole week without a problem. He was voted most improved camper that year and you would not believe the self esteem boost that certificate still brings to him.!!
I've been meaning to write about this subject for awhile now. Every time I thought about it, something happened, and it got put on the back burner. I'm glad you mentioned it.

Through lots of research, I was able to find only one not for profit summer camp that takes kids with all kinds of disabilities, including kids who are bipolar. We sent difficult child 1 there for three weeks last summer. He was very ANGRY that we were sending him to camp!!! Unbelievable - he actually had a great time!!!

Even though this camp is a not for profit camp, it is still really expensive - about $1000/week!!! However, it is still better than $3000/week!!! We couldn't afford to send difficult child 2 there. We sent him to a local YMCA day camp for the same weeks that difficult child 1 was at overnight camp.

For us, it was a way of preserving our sanity!!! It made more sense for us to send our difficult children to camp than to take a family vacation. While they were away, easy child and I spent lots of quality time together. husband had to work but, even so, with only difficult child 2 home in the evenings, life was so much easier!!!

I highly recommend this camp. The staff is well trained and great with the kids. Many of the kids are on medications. Medications are given out four times per day. You just have to make sure that your child's medication can be administered during the already scheduled times.

I know I can't give you the name of the camp here. It is located in New York. If you are interested in learning more about it, send me a private message. I'll give you the web site which has lots of info on it. WFEN


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Hi:) I know what you mean. No way I can afford the heavy costs.
There is a group called "SOAR" around... My son went to a weekend thing thru a scholarship in N.C.a few years ago. He enjoyed it and had great support for learning to work with us. Here is their website. http://www.soarnc.org/
I hope this might help you.