Why did I call back?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mrscatinthehat, Jan 31, 2008.

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    I was sitting here minding my own business. Reading the posts on here when the phone rang. I forgot to bring it beside my chair so I had to shift everything around and didn't get to it before the vm picked it up. I saw that it was GFG1s place so I called right back. Uh huh that wasn't what I should have done. I should just have thanked my stars I missed the call.

    In the grand scheme of things it wasn't bad however it is just one more annoying thing that happened in gfgworld.

    She says I know we have our session on Sunday and there is something the E has to talk to you about. I took my deep breath. Then I said remember the last time you did this on the phone when we had session you were told you weren't allowed to drop **** on me like that on the phone and not tell me what the problem is. I didn't finish the rest as she said she knew that. So ok try again then. She got put back on the chip program. Because wouldn't you know four weeks was just all she could handle. That part was good but since then at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) she has been very difficult.

    I had a feeling this would happen however I was hoping things would be different. I know better.

    What is she going to do when she doesn't have complete structure in her world? She just can't do it without the structure. And she isn't getting it here. We can't do that. Not good for her not good for us.

    Oh well back to the old drawing board.

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    Gosh........so sorry. I just hate the rollercoaster of difficult child-land. It is just so distressing, and unsettling - and so - circular.
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    hi Beth,

    I"m sorry that you picked up that phone and now wish you hadn't. ok what is the chip program? i want to understand but didn't get that?

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    :slap:You just couldn't stop yourself, huh Beth! :slap:

    Had to call back & torture yourself. We moms love nothing better than to accept the pain our children will inflict on us - how else could we be good moms? :talkhand::cool_dog::919Mad:

    I worry about the lack of structure & all the other stuff the tweedles will need in adulthood. And then I shut it down. I can just do so much of that before my brains start leaking out of my ears, I get snarky with my husband & am ready to lock myself in my room for a week or two.

    Simply not worth it. Take 5 minutes a day to sulk, worry, rage, whatever it is you need to do about the situation & then move on.

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    I'm not even sure why they bothered calling you. It is pretty common for Residential Treatment Center (RTC) kids to go up and down in levels. I would actually worry more if there were no drops because that, to me, says the child is manipulating the program rather than actually working it.

    There's no question the structure and black and white rules cannot be imitated in the real world, but those things help give our kids tools for when they get back in the real world. I think most fall after honeymooning at home when they are released. The successes don't let those falls stop them from trying again ... this is something they learn by "failing" in the Residential Treatment Center (RTC). So, maybe your daughter going back on chips can be looked at as something positive.

    Good luck with the meeting on Sunday. Don't let them get you down!
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    Hi Beth, I don't have any experience in this, but I can offer a shoulder, a cyberhug and a bunch o' prayers!

    The Other Beth
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    I think meowbunny and timer lady gave you some good advice. Like the "Other Beth", I've never had a child in a Residential Treatment Center (RTC). I hope the meeting on Sunday goes well.

    Thinking of you, WFEN
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    I worried a lot about the lack of structure in the real world after difficult child did so well at both her Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s with every minute planned. Well, she didn't do well in the real world at first and she has been out of her last Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for about 2 years now. She has come to the realization in the last 6 months or so that she is someone who needs structure and stability in her life in order for her to feel happy and secure. She has had to learn this on her own and by leading a very unstructured life for awhile. I really did not think she would "get it" but she has surprised me.
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    Not trying to be flippant here, but the one place in the "real" world where difficult child's would find an abundance of structure and black & white rules is the military. Of course, that's assuming they were stable enough to get accepted...