Will this Prompt a CPS VISIT????

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    Many of you have been talking with me this week as we endure our difficult child's first time in the psychiatric hospital, and I greatly appreciate everything that you have all said to make me feel better about the whole situation.

    This is a question that centers more around the actual events that lead to the psychiatric hospital admission, and I am worried. When we took difficult child to the ER, we had to tell her doctor that she had been drinking....our difficult child has NEVER drank before, and we don't really drink either. The only reason we had alcohol in our house was because it was left over from our wedding reception, which was OVER A YEAR AGO. And since we don't drink, hardly ever, it has been sitting there this whole time. No one has touched it, and if I had EVER thought there was a possibility she would, I never would have left it in the house.
    Anyway, her tox screen came back clean, so whatever she drank was out of her system by the time they did the test. But my mom used to work at a hospital in the ER, and she said that anytime a child that age (13) comes in and has been drinking, they are required to report it to CPS, and that CPS will do an investigation.

    Not that I have anything to worry about, the alcohol has been removed from the home, and since we have cooperated with every recommendation made by the ER doctor by sending her to the psychiatric hospital, and we have cooperated with everything, treatment-wise that the psychiatric hospital has suggested, they don't have any case, right??? Like I said, we don't have anything to worry about, but it makes me nervous because we GOT her from CPS, and so they have an interest in her, even though they are no longer involved and the courts agreed that we were fit to care for her permanently.

    Do you even think that they will come to our house? And if so, how long does it take after a report is made before they start to investigate?
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    Because a bone in my son's hand got broken when my husband was trying to get a knife away from him the day he made his suicide attempt, the ER doctor had to make a report to CYS. We were immediately told that a report would be made and my husband was not permitted to visit with our son in the ER. CYS's first interview was in the ER waiting room. My husband was cleared to visit after that. They came to our home while my son was still in the hospital -- still in the ICU -- and my husband was almost immediately cleared and we had the letter within weeks.

    That's how it worked for us in PA. I have no clue how it works in IL.
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    I was told that depending on the severity or issue involved, DCFS has either 24 hours or 72 hours to make the first visit after receiving a report. I was also told they would call first, and they did.
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    We had a visit from DCFS several years ago. They showed up the same day the report was made by school (ridiculous situation - long story but utterly ridiculous). We got our letter stating we were cleared within a week or two.

    While it's absolutely nervewracking to contemplate having the involvement of DCFS, I wouldn't sweat it too much. I'd be surprised if ER doctor makes a report, but even if he does - you've taken all the appropriate steps.

    I got a call about an hour before the guy showed up - and was in the middle of a *massive* housecleaning. Furniture moved all out of place, carpets up, etc. The house was just a jumble and I was seriously frantic that he would take all the kids because the place looked so disorganized. Thankfully, he didn't bat an eye. He talked to thank you at school, then came here, interviewed us and the other kids, and that was that. I did have psychiatrist and therapist phone numbers, and several admit/discharge dates, and gave him all the information I could. He was a very nice guy and even though I was scared to death about what could happen (DCFS fear!), he was a totally reasonable and very non-threatening guy.

    I would think if a report had been filed, you would have heard by now. It will work out okay - you did what you needed to and are getting her treatment.
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    Well, I think it has been more than 72 hours now, so maybe they won't come. I have been kinda hoping that since we cooperated with the ER doctor's recommendation and had her admitted, and we are cooperating with the facility and their treatment plan, that they would take our cooperation as good parenting and just leave us alone!!! I guess we will see, I don't know what the time frames are in Indiana, but I don't really want to have to deal with CPS. The caseworker that placed Kate with us was WONDERFUL and I really enjoyed having her around, but she was in Illinois and since we have moved to Indiana, who knows who we would end up with??!?!?!?!?!
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    we have had visits from CPS where they did not call first, ones where they went to kids school without us eeing made aware of it either before hand or after (Until the kids told us, but the kids did not always even realize who the people were who came to school to see them)
    We have had them called for some very strange reasons. Once a WRAP worker gave my daughters a Barbie that you could cut and style the hair. My girls were very young, they used the scissors that came with Barbie to cut their own hair- from down to their behind to 1/2 inch long. They did this while WITH Wrap worker, but therapist called CPS and reported it as child endangerment......so we got a visit. Another time I was at grocery, husband had chest pain, ambulance came, took husband and police called CPS to come get the kids becuz then they would be home alone....Nevermind I had called home on cell and found out husband was ill and I actuallly got home before the ambulance left.....we got a non forewarned CPS visit 4 days later.
    All were ended closed as "unfounded" When difficult child was arrested for drinking, she was older than 13 and police told me CPS would come, but they never came and never called. AT all. It seems to me here with us, sometimes they come, sometimes they call before they come, and sometimes they seem to simply not bother at all. I gave up trying to predict what they might do years ago, it never seemed to me to make much sense how they came to determine when to come or not come etc.
    One time difficult child went to school as a very young child, told teacher she was hungry (she did not want to be bnothered with breakfast before school) and CPS came and inventoried our fridge and cupboards.
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    Our mandatory reporter was our counselor. She said they asked her if she thought there was any imminent risk to the kids and she said no, she thought we had a good safety plan and we were following it. If she had said there was imminent risk and we weren't responding properly, we probably would have been surprised by an unannounced visit. It may also have been different because it was our son who had abused our daughter, and we weren't being accused. But dreamer's right, there's nothing predictable about it.

    Have you checked the Indiana Department of Child Services website? You may be able to find info there - http://www.in.gov/dcs/index.htm

    In Arkansas, they have 30 days to complete the investigation.
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    The key word is MANDATORY. Mandatory reporters are to report just about anything that MAY indicate something is wrong. Sometimes it is over a very simple thing, but think about those kids out there that are not safe, this is the best way of reaching them. Then, CPS MUST follow up to make sure the child is safe. Hopefully the info CPS received from ER is enough to close their case, I don't know.

    We all know that things happen that are accidental, overlooked issues, etc. I believe that CPS should know to look at the circumstances and determine if the child is truly in danger or not. They are just as frustrated as we are over a waste of their time.

    I would bet if they do visit, they will immediatley see that what happened is not a common event in your home. They will review the security of alcohol with kids in the house - I would hope it would be more informational/encouraging than judgemental/scolding.

    You know in your heart that you have done nothing wrong. Relax and bring that confidence out if you get a visit. Don't look at it as they are accussing you, they are not - they are just gathering information. Continue to be cooperative. Show that since you discovered the problem, you have implemented the steps needed to prevent it from happening again. You will be fine.
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    Two of the 3 times my son was in a phosph, his bio-dad, who he rarely sees, (as you can see there is a reason) had allowed difficult child to be exposed to something stupid. One time bio-dad allowed difficult child to be around someone who smoked pot, the next time he allowed difficult child to drink. Phosph knew about both episodes, and both are mandatory reporting issues, but I never heard a word. Not one.

    Granted we live in Texas, the state of no social services - however - I also think that phosph, t-doctor, psychiatrist, etc knew me to a good stable loving mom.

    Legally social services should have reported it, and legally there should have been an investigation - however I think (just an opinion) there are so many scenarios like this in these phophs that the staff have to pick and choose the ones they think have true merit to harm a child.
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    I have worked in Rhode Island and Mass. CPS offices. Both were the same in that they are so over worked and there are so few foster homes, they don't take kids if they don't have to. I know there is the exception out there but it has not been my experience. In Mass. they actually provided lots of support and services to families with kids with mental health issues (you have to apply voluntarily). I'd move there just for the help with difficult child if it wasn't for her school being in RI. I would not worry about cps at all. They are there to look for abuse and neglect. Clearly that is not you. Heck, I've even had the police here a few weeks ago because difficult child was screaming bloody murder out the window. They didn't call CPS or even ask for my name.

    I know the thought is scary, it used to be for me too before I worked in a DCYF office. Good luck with the psychiatric hospital, I know can be very hard.