Wish Us Luck - Karate Tournament - UPDATED ! ! ! !


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Notice I used the 'thumbs up' posting icon? I am attempting to make all things surrounding this tournament positive.

With everything else that has been going on involving difficult child, I have to admit, this tournament snuck up on us. We paid for the admission fee weeks and weeks ago - before everything really hit the fan. But, difficult child has been working hard on his form and he truly wants to compete, so husband & I decided to let him give it a try. We realize that worst case scenario involves us leaving immediately. been there done that - not at a tournament, but there's a first for everything, right.

Last year we went and difficult child had convinced himself that although he had only been in karate for about 6 weeks, he was going to win a trophy. He did not and cried in the bathroom for 10 minutes before he would come out, although he managed to regroup and we went about our day okay. This year, though, he has had a bit of a rough haul of it the past month or so, as you all know from reading my lengthy posts. I was hesitant to even consider attending, but he really wants to give it a try and karate has been a constant positive in an otherwise weary world for him, so we're giving it a go.

We have discussed the sheer mathmatical probability of walking away with a trophy (number of kids vs. number of tropies) and in theory, he understands it - hopefully that will translate later. husband & I have promised to buy him a hand punch practice mitt in celebration of his competing.

He just got up and came downstairs to take his a.m. medications. He is appropriately excited and ready to go.

Wish us luck, cross your fingers, rattle your beads.


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Good luck! I hope it turns out to be a pleasant day. Win or lose - he gets a special day in his life. One to remember. Take some pictures!!

Fingers crossed he does well - it will make things better even if he really performs to his ability - win or lose.

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Good luck. It sounds like you've prepared difficult child for the possible disappointment of no trophy - Way To Go!

I hope difficult child enjoys the experience of competition.

Wishing you luck, rattling the beads, and keeping all body parts crossed!!! Looking forward to hearing about how it went later...
I think it's a great idea to buy him the practice mitt for competing. in my humble opinion, this should take away some of the sting if he doesn't win.

Sending positive thoughts your way... WFEN :flower:


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i applaud you for going. i think there are too many times when some of us would rather blow something off due to "what might happen/how difficult child will react" then go and give our kids as much of normal as possible.

i think you have done your best to prepare him but just like any other kid you get disappointed, they all need to learn this.

besides he might surprise you and shine! a few wks ago i dreaded pinewood derby cuz i thought for sure difficult child would meltdown, instead he won his division, brought home a trophy and had his picture on the front pg of the local paper. all this was the exact opposite of what i was expecting.

my prayers go out to you all that the day brings some unexpected joy to your lives!


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Okay, here goes.

We started out this morning on a good note. Got about 10 minutes into our drive when I realized I had forgot my camera. husband grumbled, but turned around, sped home and then got back on the road again. We arrived just as they were singing the National Anthem and starting to get things going.

difficult child's division was about an hour into the tournament, so we spent some time watching others perform their katas, bought him his practice "mitt" square and a tournament t-shirt and got something to drink in the cafeteria. He was so nervous his knees were bouncing and he kept reading over the criteria sheet.

Finally, his group was called and we all trouped down to the appointed ring. I found a spot on the side to sit and take pictures from a good vantage point. difficult child's name was last on the list, so we knew he would perform last. However, you never know how many are going to be in your group until you get there. He had 26 in his group - appeared to be the biggest group of the day. He did perform last, but did amazing. husband even commented that difficult child had really improved. They have to announce themselves first to the 5 black belts that are judging them - and ask for permission to perform their kata - all while standing in a particular stand and announcing in a clear, confident voice - making eye contact - while not squirming, etc.

So far, so good. Kata went extremely well. Very near perfection. And he returned to sit with the others. The judges conferred and announced that 4 children were in a tie situation and they would have to perform their moves again. difficult child was not one of them and he (and we) immediately thought he was not going to get one of the 4 place trophies. husband and I began to figure out how we were going to handle the disappointment, etc., and we were hoping against hope that difficult child was going to be able to find it in himself to show sportsmanlike behaviors.

The 4 did their moves again and they were ready to announce the winners. They did 4th place and it was a new student to difficult child's dojang. difficult child smiled and clapped. Then came 3rd and 2nd place announcements. So far all were among the 4 that had squared off in the tie. Then, they announce that 1st place went to difficult child!!!! :surprise:

I know that I made a "whoop" noise and a "yeah!!" noise and my camera jumped right off my lap onto my purse. I immediately retrieved it and went into paparazzi mode. I got some great shots of the Grand Master handing a 3+ foot trophy to a wildly smiling difficult child. Not a boasting difficult child, but an appropriate 11-year-old First Place Winning difficult child!!! You could have knocked me over with a feather - :faint:!!!

You all have read my recent posts and know what difficult child has been through in the last 2 weeks - 10 days ago we were in the E.R. - difficult child having been escorted there by policeman - and discontinued the lithium altogether, etc. This was such an amazing turn of events that I am still psyched.

Some of the last few photos are a bit blurry because my hands were shaking like leaves! I cried. husband cried. A few friends who were there with their children came running over to congratulate difficult child. It was absolutely amazing!! difficult child wanted to find his Master to tell him, but we couldn't find him right then, so we headed out.

difficult child handled his win well. Congratulated each of the other winners and some of the other students that he knows. Shook hands - posed for pictures, etc. He picked the restaurant for lunch and we just got home - the huge trophy is in a safe spot on top of our entertainment center. difficult child is in his room - he said he needed some "alone time".

I am still cranked. I cannot believe the events of this day. I am so happy for difficult child that he did his best and handled everything well. More than I ever could have hoped for or expected!!! I am happy that something good has happened for him - that he alone has had to work for. He has so little "good" going for him sometimes.

When we got back to our town, we had to make a "victory lap" and stop by my sister's and my mom's to show them the trophy. difficult child was just beaming.

Had to share immediately! Sorry this is so long, but our entire family feels like we had a victory today! Thanks to everyone who crossed their body parts and rattled their beads! IT WORKED!!! :smile:


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<span style='font-size: 20pt'> <span style="color: #CC0000"> <span style='font-family: Century Gothic'>Congratulations difficult child!!!! </span> </span> </span>

Your whole family deserves this so much, but especially difficult child. Tell him this board auntie is very proud of him!!!
:bravo: :warrior: :thumb:


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I am so happy for difficult child he must have worked hard!!! Congratulations to all of you... enjoy it!!! Good Job! :bravo: :thumb:


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Way To Go! What a great day and such an inspirational story for everyone! Great job--both to difficult child and to you MOM who made this happen as well!



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<span style="color: #FF6666">OMG!!!!</span> That is SO cool! <span style="color: #3366FF">Congratulations</span>, difficult child and family!
From total low to total high. Amazing.
I was with you every step of the way on that note... my heart was racing, and I cracked up about the camera falling into your purse. I felt like I was sitting right there.
Way To Go proud mom.


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<span style="color: #000099">Oh, WOW! Congratulations! <span style='font-size: 17pt'> </span> </span>

I'm getting goosebumps reading your post!

Way To Go difficult child! :bravo:


<span style="color: #FF0000"><span style='font-size: 14pt'>Way To Go difficult child!!!!!</span></span>

:smile: :bravo: :smile: :thumb:


I would of cried too. difficult child cannot handle disappointment very well, and since he has made a name for himself in previous years, seems as if he is at the long end of the stick before anything begins. How wonderful for difficult child. AND family.