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    giggleseasy Glad I'm not alone.

    :party: My difficult child had a fight-free morning!!!! I dread mornings so much because of all the fighting and arguing that goes on, but this morning I tried something different! I let her pick out what she wanted to wear, *ha! score for me, she matched!*, and brush her own hair *we'd fight about this constantly in the past*, it was literally the first morning since she started school, that I haven't been emotionally exhausted by the time she left! :laughing:
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    Hey Giggles..... to get my little difficult children hair ready for school in the morning, I used to ask her what animal she wanted to be, and we would do as many plaits as the animal had legs. The octopus was a struggle some days!! LOL:laughing:

    What an achievment..... Well done to you. xx
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    What a great morning for you both! I love it when those mornings happen -- things go so smoothly... not that they happen often around here, but still...

    congratulations & have a great weekend!

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    WOOHOO!!!! Isn't that an amazing feeling??? Enjoy it. :)