WooooHooooo! Big Sale on audiobooks!!

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    husband was interested in a certain title book for job hunters so we went to Hastings Books and Music yesterday. They are a smaller chain in this part of the country. They have the only bookstore in our town.

    When I went in they had three displays in the center of the store packed with rental audiobooks for sale!! ALL of them for $4.99 each!!! They are even all UnAbridged!!!!

    I stocked up on titles by fave authors including Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kay Hooper, Linda Howard, Elizabeth Lowell, etc...

    A few of them Jess paid for (I called her about them), so we got 6 total. I am THRILLED!!!! When I am hurting bad I can concentrate on these - it is really hard to hold a book anymore.

    Sales at Hastings seem to be timed along with stores like Barnes and Noble and Borders and Books A Million. You might find some good sales there on audiobooks.

    Also - Blockbuster is closing a lot of stores. Our local Blockbuster Ghost Store is closing (called a ghost store here because there are almost never more than 2 people in the store at once). They are having some really good sales also.

    You can find Hastings online - www.gohastings.com