Would love to hear about how things are going for you and your difficult child

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    Hi everyone,
    I am interested in hearing about your experience with the services and treatment that your difficult child has received. I’m currently a school psychologist and a member of Martie’s Loyola research team. Martie is a moderator for Special Education 101, and we have posted a couple of surveys in the past (parent experience and adult outcomes).
    There is yet another survey! This one looks specifically at the services your child has received this year for his/her needs within the school and community, your experience with these services, and how things are going for you and your difficult child. Based on the results we got from the other two surveys, we were curious to see the relationship between your stress, your child’s well being, and treatment (specifically what the school is doing or not doing for your child).
    Runawaybunny has graciously agreed to post a link to the survey as a sticky note today. Thanks! :D

    The survey is short (only around 20 minutes to complete) and it is also for my dissertation. Like always, I will quickly provide the results from this study to you all asap.
    I can’t thank you enough for considering to participate in this study. Your voice is extremely important in improving the quality of treatment your child receives. Like with our past surveys, the ultimate goal is to get the results out to the research community in an attempt to help your family and child get the help that is needed.
    Thank you!
    (just click on the link in the sticky note in the general forum to complete the survey. More information about the study is provided before you decide to participate).
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    Good luck with your survey! Helped on the others but dont think I can with this one. My kids are now adults...lol. We have a granddaughter in Head Start though.
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    Does having creepy foster parents who say they can do the job and then kick your kid to the curb count?
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    Hi Laura,

    What about students with a diagnosis but aren't receiving services at school either because there may not be a need or services have been denied? Should these parents participate?
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    Yes, if your child has been denied services or if they do not need them from the school please participate.

    It sounds like the creepy foster parents would also be suitable.

    Any parents or guardians of children between ages 3-19 can participate, regardless of what services the child is or is not receiving.


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    Hi, Laura.

    I would happily do the survey for you, because even though difficult child 3 is a correspondence student, he still attends the school premises from time to time plus he has an IEP and other services in place.

    However, we are in Australia. What is available here is going to be a little different, due to other aspects of how our national health care system works.

    If you don't want our family's input, we understand. We don't want to skew your results with too many variables.

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    Hi Marguerite,

    Thanks for asking and having an interest in completing the survey. Ideally the children would be attending school in the united states. I appreciate your support.

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    I am new here, and I dont know how to start a new post for myself.
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    I give up. I went to the General Forum and clicked on everything and nothing happened.
    I re-read your note and am stumped.
    Is there a symbol for the link? An http thing? A picture?
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    I know I haven't been around for a while, but Laura has been my student since Mr No, my ex-difficult child, was still in high school! (For those of you who are newer, Mr No is now in graduate school.)

    Laura was a new grad student at the time of the very first survey done on this board. It was LONG. Laura's new study is much shorter and easier to fill out. This is a VERY important topic for our children. Schools are changing and services are changing as well. If newer approaches work, great. If newer approaches deny services our kids need, not great.

    The "other" study which was posted on PE is being reviewed for publication in a professional journal. Laura worked on that study as well.

    Young professionals who are interested in our kids need your support. Please take 20 minutes to fill out this survey. If you have a child between 3-21 who is attending school in the U.S., you qualify. That is almost everyone on this board.

    PLEASE HELP. This stuff may seem esoteric, but it is what makes a big difference in the world of policy makers who eventually affect your child's education!

    Here is the link



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    Did it!
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    Thanks everyone! Please send me a message if you have any problems with the link.

    Here is the link:


    If you haven't taken the survey yet, please do. The more responses the better! Thanks!
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    Done! and we just had our IEP update this last week!
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    Like Marg, I am interested in participating but don't know if I will skew the results. Is Canadian information of any use?

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    Thanks for your interest and support trinityroyal! Unfortunately the survey only looks at services in the US.